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As we enter November, construction will continue on the Northeast Triangle residence hall, the former Jesuit Residence, the Thompson Athletic Center, and the chiller. Bulldog Tavern, the pub in the Healey Family Student Center, will open November 7th, licensing permitting. Below is the campus construction map for November. Click here to enlarge the map and download it as a PDF. More information about the projects is below.

If you have any concerns or questions about construction impacts, please email Planning and Facilities Management will contact the appropriate project manager to resolve the issue or work with the contractors to do so.



Northeast Triangle Residence Hall

Construction crews are relocating existing utility lines (water, steam, electric, and fiber/telecon) and installing new utilities. This preparation work must happen before the foundation can be constructed. During the winter holiday, Planning and Facilities Management will plan some building utility outages to hook up the new lines and will send more information in advance of the outages to minimize impact. Major excavation work will begin in January.

Former Jesuit Residence

Window restoration continues on the former Jesuit Residence. During November, an elevator will be removed from Ryan Hall, which will require demolition of an exterior elevator shaft. A crane will be on site to assist with the demolition. Concrete trucks will access the site during November to complete structural underpinning of the building courtyard.

Healey Family Student Center

The soft opening for Bulldog Tavern, the pub in the Healey Family Student Center, will be November 4th with a grand opening on November 7th, pending final licensing.

Thompson Athletic Center

The alternate roadway across the tennis courts will continue to be in place during November. Crews are relocating utilities on the site and installing new utility lines. Once the utility work is complete, the roadway will revert to its original configuration.

Chiller 9

A new chiller is being installed in the university’s utility plant, which will allow the delivery of chilled water to the new buildings on campus. Work is underway inside the building to prepare for the installation of the chiller, which will be delivered later in November. A crane will be installed in the Yates parking lot to assist with the installation. More information will be available about the chiller delivery later this month.

Proton Therapy

Medstar Georgetown University Hospital is beginning a new project to build a proton therapy cancer treatment center near the Lombardi Cancer Center. The project will involve concrete pours to create the foundation of the building and trucks will access the site using the Canal Road entrance and West Road (between Yates and the Multisport Field). The project will likely begin in November. The university is working closely with Medstar on this project to ensure proper coordination between the hospital’s contractor and the university’s contractors.

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