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Residence hall projects will create more functional outdoor space

A principle of the university’s master planning process is to create additional green space on campus and improve existing green space. The former Jesuit Residence and the Northeast Triangle will both take underutilized outdoor space and make it more functional.

Former Jesuit Residence

FJR Courtyard November

Rendering of the courtyard of Former Jesuit Residence

The former Jesuit Residence is comprised of three buildings — Ryan Hall, the Mulledy Building, and the Gervase Building. Gervase is an administrative building and Ryan and Mulledy will comprise the new residence hall. In the courtyard between the three buildings was a small parking lot that was underutilized.

As part of the renovation, the parking lot will be leveled and made into a green courtyard for residents of the building and open to the entire campus. The rendering above illustrates the design and use of the new courtyard.

The courtyard will be accessible from the Ryan Hall portico (which will be regraded to be accessible from Library Walk) and will connect through the Gervase breezeway (a pathway between Gervase and Mulledy, currently closed as part of the renovation) to the accessible route at Village C).

Northeast Triangle

The Northeast Triangle project will also take an underutilized outdoor space and create a more functional outdoor space.

NET green space current

Existing green space at Northeast Triangle

The existing green space has a few benches that are not regularly used. In their place, the Northeast Triangle project will create a series of green terraces that will provide an outdoor space for students, faculty, and staff to meet, study, and relax. The second floor of the building will also open onto a new patio for residents of the building. These spaces will be more functional and more welcoming than the existing space.

The renderings below illustrate the design and use of the future space.

NET green space future

View of future Northeast Triangle terraces

Terraces future

Side view of future Northeast Triangle terraces

In addition to the green terraces, the project will create a more active pathway between the Northeast Triangle and Reiss. The current Reiss pathway is a simple sidewalk and the residence hall will feature an active first floor that opens onto the pathway, new benches and outdoor seating, and new landscaping.

Reiss pathway current

Existing Reiss pathway

Reiss pathway future

Rendering of the future Reiss pathway

Future Reiss pathway

Rendering of first floor outside Northeast Triangle

Renovation of the former Jesuit Residence and construction of the Northeast Triangle residence hall will strengthen the residential student experience by more fully integrating residential, academic, and social life. With the addition of these outdoor and green spaces, students will have more places to live, learn, and play.

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