Voice of Russia: We the People Petitions

‘We The People’ Petitions Proving Successful in Opening Conversation

Rob Sachs
19.01.2013, 00:44
WASHINGTON – In September 2011 the Obama administration initiated a “We The People” petition portal on the White House website in an attempt to create a direct line of communication between the administration and the people it governs.
On the site, the public has seen a wide variety of issues come to light. Moments after the Newtown, Conn., shooting, a petition was started to demand gun control action. Others have included demanding an end to drone strikes against children in Pakistan as well as ending Hollywood tax credits.Some are less serious, including a petition to remove CNN host Piers Morgan from the country based on his attack on gun rights and a petition demanding that the administration let the public know if and when it would build a Death Star.

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