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Hello, my name is Andrew Rennie, but my friends call me Rennie. I am now a junior in Georgetown College, and while I am officially a double-major in Psychology and Spanish, my interests are by no means limited to those two. I am studying the entire year at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and loving every minute of it. I am a sneaker aficionado, a lover of the outdoors, and an aspiring crazy cat lady.

Cata de vino – poetry in potion

From the symposium to the Eucharist to the dining room table, wine has soaked its way into much of Western culture. Almost nowhere is that more evident than here in Spain, where the people are as proud of their wine … Continue reading

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Convivir con el fracaso

Nosotros, los alumnos de Georgetown, tendemos a ser perfeccionistas. El éxito se reverencia y el fracaso se teme, y ambos se definen por una cosa y una única cosa: las notas. En Georgetown, los estudiantes se preocupan por un solo … Continue reading

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It’s Worth Walking

I’d like to take a moment to talk about the merits of a good, old-fashioned stroll. But first, some walking music. Madrid is a vast and fascinating city, and while its superb public transportation system might provide quick and easy … Continue reading

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Hushed halls and concealed identities

At first I felt awkward about being the only one posting on this blog, but I’ve gotten over it. No shame in my game! With exams just over the horizon, an eerie calm has overtaken Complutense. Hallways and foyers once … Continue reading

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Everyone in Spain has learned English, and yet no one can speak the language. It was shocking for me to discover that most of my friends at school had taken mandatory English classes for up to nine or ten years, … Continue reading

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Gone are my glory days playing high school soccer. Now creeping into my early 20s, I am a mere shell of my former, athletic self. Save a few nonchalant intramural games, I’ve hardly touched a soccer ball in years; multiple … Continue reading

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Corrida de toros

El lugar: Aunque Las Ventas no es la plaza de toros más grande de todo el mundo en dimensiones (una plaza mexicana tiene ese título), sí está considerada como la plaza más importante del mundo para consagrarse como torero. En … Continue reading

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