May 15 2022

Sorrow and Progress

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I was looking forward to writing and sharing good news from the past week. I’ll still do that here in my blog, because as a group united against cancer, we must continue to keep our eye on the ball and celebrate our victories.

However, my message this week must begin on a sad note. There are no words to describe the horror and fear that must have fallen upon the people shopping in a Buffalo neighborhood grocery store as a lone white gunman shot and killed 10 fellow shoppers and wounded others. What we now know from reports is that this man killed the shoppers because they were Black.

Meanwhile, the indiscriminate mass slaughter of innocent civilians continues in the Ukraine. There is evil in this world, and when we see it we are compelled to stand up against it. The world has taken note of the Ukraine and has pretty much united to support it. When will we do the same for our fellow citizens, whose crimes apparently were to live normal lives? When will we as a nation stand up for our ideals?

Enough killing. No more words, please. It’s time for action.

There is no good way to transition to happier news, but I do want to share some uplifting moments from this past week.

On Tuesday night, Harriet and I attended a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Friends of Cancer Research, which was attended by a largely maskless throng of the oncocratic glitterati. COVID angst aside, it was a lovely event, and we seem to have avoided a coronavirus bullet, at least so far.

The next morning, I participated in a smaller gathering at the Eisenhower Building on the White House grounds to discuss the Cancer Moonshot. This all-day meeting focused on issues such as access to care and data transparency. There were about 60 of us, and I was joined by Lucile Adams-Campbell. I don’t yet know if any of our suggested action items will be prioritized, but I came away convinced that the Administration is laser-focused on the work to be done.

That meeting coincided with the announcement that Georgetown Lombardi has received a substantial donation from the Ralph Lauren Foundation to expand our work in community outreach and engagement under Lucile Adams-Campbell’s leadership. Many thanks to Lucile and Justine Weissenborn for their great work to make this dream come to life.

We spent the weekend in the Philly area, attending an event and then visiting with friends and family.

As we all process the events of this weekend, we can find strength in our shared fight against the common enemy of cancer — work that does not, and should not, stop!

Stay safe and be well.




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