Apr 30 2022

No Blues at the Beach

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I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weekend weather. Harriet and I snuck away to the beach and soaked up every beautiful moment (though my laptop seemed to be quite busy!). I finished preparations for Monday’s Faculty Sector meeting and hope you can attend. I also worked on a new grant application and reviewed an MS thesis paper. I was busy, but had time to take some lovely walks. We did not eat out, but we did bring in takeout.

We passed the time on the three hour drives to and from the beach listening to podcasts, transfixed by the Ukrainian crisis and other attacks on the democratic world order. I particularly enjoy the Ezra Klein podcasts and “The New Yorker Radio Hour” for their very thoughtful programming. Putin is providing a playbook for the aggressors who would destroy democracy, even as Zelenskyy, Biden and NATO provide a textbook example of how to defend the liberal world order and freedom, and the principles that have animated our country for almost 250 years.

Good news, training rides are here! BellRinger is a little less than six months away, and it’s time to get back in the saddle. Join BellRinger for regular training rides led by expert leaders. BellRinger isn’t a race and neither are these training rides. The rides will be casual and focus on safe, social group rides. Check out the full list of training rides online here. Everyone is welcome! I am bringing my bike back from the beach so I can get involved in at least some of the rides.

Stay safe and be well.




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