Apr 25 2022

On the Road Again

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So, we just got back home on Sunday evening after an eventful weekend. In Baltimore, COVID has been running through Elana’s family — little Eitan, only 10 months old, was diagnosed on Friday morning and spent that evening in an ER with a fever of 105 degrees. Fortunately, he was able to go home a few hours later, and his fever broke the following morning, Other than being uncharacteristically cranky, he seems to be recovering.

Of course, that put an end to our family’s plans to get together at Elana and Ben’s for a belated family Seder to celebrate Passover together. So, we had a little Seder with Dave and Kelly and their kids on Friday evening and then drove up to Philly on Saturday for another Seder with Ken, Sarah and their kids. It was wonderful, but nothing beats being together as a family.

Speaking of family, we spent Saturday night with Ken, Sarah and their kids and then drove up to New York City (we were more comfortable driving than training up in a maskless passenger train), met my brother Steve and his wife, Ryta, for lunch, and then saw the final performance (masks were mandatory) of his musical, “Penelope.” It is a retelling of “The Odyssey,” except that Odysseus’ wife, Penelope, not Homer, is the poet. It was funny, charming in its classic approach to the musical comedy genre (decidedly not in vogue these days), and the music was great. We drove home after the show. I asked Steve if he could hear the echo of our late parents’ clapping in the midst of the standing ovation that followed the end of the show.

Steve is my younger brother. He began playing the piano at the age of 3 and was a bit of a child prodigy. I remember that when he was about 6 years old, people would ask him to play a simple song, such as “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” by ear. He would do that, and upon request would play it in the style of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart or Gershwin. Even though he was younger than me, I remember figuring out very quickly that he had a special gift, and that it would be far more productive to celebrate his brilliance than to compete with it. We have always been there for each other, appreciating each other’s successes and being there for each other during the hard times. Throughout his adult life, he has mixed his love of musical theater with his work as a clinical psychologist and organizational trainer. He has a musical style that echoes that of Rodgers and Hammerstein, and perhaps a bit of Cole Porter, with very melodic scores that recall the 1950s, even as they address more contemporary topics. He has had a number of shows performed in New York and elsewhere. So, in many ways, seeing his latest show takes me back to my youth, while marveling at our life journey together. Good stuff, indeed.

Speaking of good stuff, please check out the wonderful piece on our local NBC station about the Walking Warriors, who will walk on April 30 to raise money to support breast cancer research here at Georgetown Lombardi. Jeannie Mandelblatt gave a fabulous interview; here is the link to the piece. Thanks, Jeannie, for the fabulous publicity and your great work in leading this wonderful effort!

Have a great week, and as always, remember to stay safe and be well.




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