Jan 18 2022


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For the first time in a while, we are experiencing a real winter. Serial snowstorms, cold winds, lousy roads, the whole nine yards. Winter means colds, flu and, over the past couple of years, COVID. So here I am, feeling well, but with slight nasal stuffiness, and a negative COVID-19 PCR and two negative antigen tests. I think I have a cold. But, who can really know?

We are more or less lying low, just in case, waiting for the Omicron spike to fade, as it will, hoping that there will be no nasty pandemic prizes in our future. The signs of a dropping infection rate in our region are certainly encouraging, and I hope we will be able to modify our behaviors in response to the changing face of the pandemic.

In some crazy way we have acclimated to pandemic living, each of us taking either a few or a lot of “chances” with respect to exposure to the virus. It’s becoming clear that we all are at risk of exposure, and while infection would likely be relatively uneventful I would prefer to wait until we have a bit more certainty that therapeutic antivirals will be readily available should we need them.

Meanwhile, I have plenty of work to do, and really look forward to a productive rest of the month.

Stay safe, and be well.


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