Dec 05 2021

Winter is Coming

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I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our family’s celebration was sullied by the ultimate unwanted guest at the table: coronavirus. Our plans were for the extended family to congregate at Ken and Sarah’s home in the Philly suburbs. Sarah, who was doubly vaccinated and about to get boosted, developed a viral syndrome and tested positive for COVID-19 five days before the holiday. We think she was exposed to the virus at work. In short order, Ken, also doubly vaccinated but not yet boosted, and their three kids all tested positive. Their oldest child, Ella, had been scheduled to receive her first vaccine that Monday, and Eli was also being scheduled. So much for planning. Fortunately, nobody got terribly ill, though Ken is still dragging. Sarah is now back at work, and two of the three kids are back at school.

So, we spent a lovely Thanksgiving with Elana and her family, as none of us tested positive and had no contact with Ken’s family when they were potentially infectious. Doubly vaccinated, Dave and his family proceeded with their previous plans to celebrate the holiday with Kelly’s extended family in New Jersey. He developed symptoms two days before Thanksgiving, but tested negative twice. They returned on Sunday, and because he still was sick, he took another test and, sure enough, he had it. He thinks he was exposed to the virus by a patient he saw in the ER. Kelly, who had been boosted, never tested positive, and her entire family in NJ escaped infection, but both Clara and Clark got colds and tested positive. Dave received the Regeneron antibody and is basically better, as are the kids. Having played a role in the development of monoclonal antibodies, that sweet irony was not lost upon me.

COVID cast its shadow on our family’s Thanksgiving and then our celebration of Hanukkah. However, I’ll trade the health of the people I love for a turkey leg or a spin of the dreidel any day.

So, there is a lesson in this long-winded recitation. Winter is coming. COVID is not going away; in fact, as of Saturday morning, cases are rising again around the country. Be careful. If you have not yet been vaccinated, what are you waiting for? Vaccination did not prevent infections in my family, but likely converted potentially lethal illnesses into fairly standard, annoying, but not dangerous viral inconveniences. Nobody who had been boosted got sick or tested positive. If you have been vaccinated, get your booster — please!

Your life is too important to too many people to risk having it thrown away needlessly.

Stay safe and be well.



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