Oct 24 2021

Rides, Research, Promotions, Meetings and a Road Trip

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I hope you enjoyed your weekend. It was quite a busy week for me, and I am finally kicking back for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon as I write this. The yearly AACI meeting for cancer center directors and administrators was held virtually and contained lots of really useful information for us as we pull together our CCSG renewal application. I noted with pride that Lucile Adams-Campbell was a panelist on the topic of reducing disparities, and did a marvelous job. We continued to gear up for our EAC meeting on November 1; we had our first rehearsal on Wednesday, and I was really impressed with our progress and quality. We have a second prep session this week.

Speaking of gearing up, this was to have been the weekend of our BellRinger ride, which was postponed until next fall. I know that some teams rode anyway, including one led by Mike Atkins, who has been a powerful champion for the ride. On my end, my Achilles tendinitis is improving, and I look forward to training for next year’s ride. I recorded a video to kick off preparations for next year. It was very bittersweet, but I am optimistic that we are hitting the ground running (or is it riding?) for BellRinger ’22.

On the research front, our lab just had a nice paper describing a new approach to pancreatic cancer immunotherapy accepted by the Journal of Immunotherapy for Cancer (JITC), based on the thesis project of Allison Fitzgerald. Congratulations to Allison! It’s amazing to think that JITC now has an impact factor of more than 13; not so long ago, cancer immunology-focused journals were low-impact afterthoughts in the field of cancer research.

I want to also note that the Oncology Department was well represented at the University’s Fall Faculty Convocation on Thursday. Congratulations to Suzanne O’Neill, Ivana Peran, Luz Sánchez-Romero, Purushottam Tiwari and Evan Pannkuk!

I’d like to congratulate Bob Beckman. For the second year, Bob has co-chaired an organizing committee for a conference on master protocols and complex innovative clinical trial designs. The conference is November 4 and 5. You can get an overview, agenda, speakers, etc., as well as register here.

Finally, no Weiner weekend seems to be complete without a road trip! Harriet and I drove up to Philadelphia on Saturday to watch two of our grandkids’ soccer games. Eli, who is 6, played well and almost scored a goal in his game. His 8-year-old sister, Ella, who has played for a couple of years, had an awesome game a couple of hours later, scoring three goals and showing bursts of speed that warmed the heart of this jaded observer, who spent uncounted hours on the sidelines watching and coaching soccer a blink of an eye ago. It made the long drives worth the effort.

Have a great week, and please stay safe and be well.



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