Aug 02 2021


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Happy Monday. I hope you had a nice weekend. Our kids in Philly were in town this weekend for a party and have been with us at our home in DC. Though we have seen them in Philly and at the beach, we realized it had been more than 18 months since they had been in our home. What a crazy turn of events…

Work has been pretty much all CCSG, all the time. I am still polishing my Overview and Essential Characteristics sections, highlighting our Transdisciplinary Collaboration and Coordination section. I decided to organize the section around high impact, collaborative publications in this first pass, and have identified about 120 papers published in journals with impact factors of at least 10 in the past three years. That’s a pretty good haul, and the list is incomplete. I suspect that at many as 15% of our publications will prove to be “high impact” (recognizing that this is an imperfect measure of true impact) at the time of our CCSG competitive renewal submission. Not bad!

I had been looking forward to the coming weekend for months. Paul Tagliabue, former NFL Commissioner, former chair of the Georgetown University Board of Directors and a longtime great friend of Georgetown Lombardi, is being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. It’s a big deal, and I was deeply honored to be invited to attend the proceedings as his guest. Unfortunately, it turns out we cannot attend. We’ll have to go to Canton sometime in the future to see Paul’s bust in the Hall.

The coming week will be filled with CCSG preparations, BellRinger meetings and lunches, and grant reviews. I am glad that GUMC is opening back up for real this week, and hope everyone observes COVID-19-related precautions to assure that the return is safe and productive for everyone.

I plan to spend about two weeks at the beach beginning on August 12, one for pure vacation, and the other for some relaxation admixed with important calls and work responsibilities. This will be my last blog for a few weeks; they will resume in September.

Have a great month of August. Now, more than ever, stay safe and be well.



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