Jun 21 2021

Life in the Time of Corona(virus) – Day 461

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I hope you enjoyed the long weekend and found a way to commemorate Juneteenth as well. We drove back to the beach this past Thursday evening, after my clinic, and have enjoyed a relaxing few days, punctuated by various work-related activities. Chief among them is work on my Director’s Overview for the CCSG competitive renewal. We have so many wonderful accomplishments to describe, and it will be a privilege to share the story of LCCC’s transformation in the overview.

I am continuing to ride my new bike. For Father’s Day, Harriet bought me a contraption that allows me to convert the bike into a stationary bike that I can ride inside or under the house when the weather is inclement. The more I ride, the more I like it. I am grateful to the BellRinger for stimulating me to rediscover the joys of a bike ride on the road. I hope I never forget it. I also hope you don’t forget to sign up to ride in the BellRinger and, better yet, to form a team.

On the COVID-19 front, this weekend we learned that 300 million doses have been administered in the United States in only six months. That is simply amazing, but even more gobsmacking is the fact that many of the remaining unvaccinated Americans have no intention of ever receiving their injections. I will never understand why anyone, faced with irrefutable data that the vaccine is overwhelmingly effective and quite safe, would choose to not protect themselves, their loved ones and their fellow citizens. While any vaccine refusenik has the right to make that choice, that right should not be confused with wisdom or truth. They are wrong, purely and simply. I hope that their decisions do not cost any of them their lives. It would be much safer to be an anti-vaxxer after we have achieved true herd immunity, and not when we are still in the midst of a viral pandemic with increasingly nasty variants emerging like clockwork.

Meanwhile, life on the GU campus is slowly stirring to life. I can’t wait to return to work, even if it is only for a few days per week at the beginning.

Have a great week. Stay safe and be well.




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