Jun 07 2021

Life in the Time of Corona(virus) – Day 447

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Summer has arrived a bit early. Harriet and I drove up to northern New Jersey for a wedding this weekend and spent time with Dave, Kelly and their kids. Their son Clark is now over 3 months old and is doing wonderfully well, showing no obvious effects from his major heart surgery shortly after his birth. His robust health is a true testament to the miracles of modern medicine; without that surgery, he would be nothing but a memory by now.

A long ride home from New York City on Sunday was notable for the traffic and the massive lines at rest areas on the New Jersey Turnpike for gas and food. Based on what I saw, we will know pretty soon whether the current levels of immunization indeed have minimized community spread of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, back at work, things are as busy as ever. We now have less than a year for the submission of our CCSG competitive renewal, and we are busy implementing our strategic plan and preparing our section write-ups for ongoing review. It may be hot and hazy, but there will be no lazy days this summer.

Stay safe and be well.



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