Apr 19 2021

Life in the Time of Corona(virus) – Day 398

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I hope your weekend was a real BellRinger! We are up to 41 riders as of Friday, and need to pick it up for the ride to achieve its critically important fundraising goals. Donations to support my ride are up to $10,990 as of Sunday evening, as I continue to reach out to colleagues, friends and family. It’s not that hard; please join me! I plan to start a team this week, and will use the surplus, beyond my $2,000 fundraising target, to support those team members who have tried hard but have not been able to achieve their fundraising goals. We picked up Harriet’s bike on Saturday, and I borrowed one of my son-in-law’s bikes so I can ride with her until my own bike comes in next month.

The week was highlighted by Joan Massagué’s spectacular grand rounds on Friday, and by our LCCC Senior Leadership Retreat, where we reviewed programs and aims, discussed collaborative strategies and reviewed the first high-level draft of the cancer center’s strategic plan. It was very invigorating. I was also delighted to select seven proposals (from 27 excellent submissions) for LCCC Shared Resource vouchers to support their research. I think this particular mechanism is here to stay, and you should be alert for future solicitations of proposals.

Meanwhile, the pandemic persists, though we clearly can see light at the end of the tunnel. Senseless mass shootings occur with numbing regularity, as do deeply troubling law enforcement actions that seemingly challenge our basic foundational concepts of justice. Our foreign adversaries pursue mischief, hoping to exploit perceived American vulnerability. Yet, I feel hope for the future. I knew that the American people had elected a good, decent man and expected he would provide a relaxing hiatus after four tumultuous and harrowing years. I was wrong. The president has been forceful, dynamic, humane, direct, ambitious and effective. I expected goodness, but this presidency is addressing many wrongs of the past 50 years, intending to transform this country to more closely match its promise. Hence, my hopefulness.

Please get yourself and your loved ones vaccinated. And, above all, stay safe and be well.



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