Jun 13 2016

Beach Bumming

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Greetings on a lovely Sunday evening. We got to our rented house for a week at the beach with our family a few hours ago. The sun is shining, and the ocean is shimmering in the distance. One of our grandchildren is having a tantrum. Life could not be more perfect.

The week was highlighted by a number of activities regarding the MedStar Georgetown Cancer Network. I have found this work to be stimulating and very important. I look forward to sharing the details with you as the structure unfolds. I also was delighted to meet new people in the context of our advancement activities. Since Donald Dunn arrived I have been introduced to more people and have laid more groundwork for future philanthropy than at any time since I arrived at Georgetown. It has been very exciting and rewarding.

All that remains between me and watching the sunset is completion of this blog. See you later, and have a great week.

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