Dec 14 2015

Under the Weather

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Nothing much matters without health. You’d think I know that already, given what I do for a living, but I certainly received a refresher course this week. I started with symptoms of a cold on Monday, but got through the day and attended the Georgetown University Executive Committee holiday dinner on Monday night. By the end of the evening I knew a variety of over-the-counter cold medicines was in my immediate future. I soldiered through a busy day on Tuesday, and left early on Wednesday morning for the annual Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics meeting in San Diego. I got there in the early afternoon, and thought I was holding my own, but by the end of the afternoon I felt genuinely awful. Knowing that I was scheduled to chair a session and give two talks the following morning, I called in a prescription for the antibiotic Zithromax to a local CVS pharmacy and added a few more OTC medications. I am pretty conservative about using antibiotics, since they are over-prescribed and frequently unnecessary, but I took the plunge anyway.I then crawled into bed, dreading the evening.

Antibiotics can be miraculous on occasion. By the middle of the night, my congestion had eased, and while I was still dragging a bit. I made it through my sessions and gave my talks without too much difficulty. However, instead of staying that night I elected to jump on a flight and get home sooner rather than later. I landed at Dulles at 9 pm and was home an hour later. I took it easy on Friday, though I came into work for 4 or 5 hours. I had to because I had a lot of work to do!

Our External Advisory Committee is meeting on Sunday evening and Monday, and many folks have been working hard to prepare for the meeting. I want to give a special shout out to Sharon Levy, who has handled the logistics with aplomb and has us on course for a successful meeting.

One last note – I had a special day today with our grandson Isaac. His parents came down to DC to visit with friends and while Harriet watched Aviva, Isaac and I had a great pizza together at 2 Amys and then drove to the Verizon Center to watch the Hoyas beat UNC Wilmington in an uncomfortably exciting game. Isaac was a great pal, and he loved attending his first ever basketball game. I will remember and cherish the day I spent with him far longer than I will the bad cold that thankfully only caused temporary misery.

I hope you got your flu shot! Have a great week, and enjoy the holiday season as it begins to ramp up to its crescendo.

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