Dec 07 2015

A Thank You to the CRC

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I was sitting in the family room on Sunday afternoon, watching the early phases of what I assumed (along with the rest of the world) would be a beatdown of the Eagles by the Super Bowl champion, the New England Patriots. Reasoning that I had little to root for, I decided to write my blog. Go figure; the Eagles stunned the Patriots, proving that my blogging had the magical power to alter the outcome of a NFL football game. Now that we have dispensed with that fantasy (along with the one that the Eagles are actually good) I will now return to reality.

I want to start by noting that the performance of our clinical trials enterprise would not be possible without the exceptional efforts of so many people – our patients, doctors, nurses and clinic staff have truly embraced the idea of research-inspired clinical care. I really want to highlight the efforts of our clinical research staff – the nurses, coordinators, regulatory staff and data managers – who have progressively ramped up their activities while enhancing their professionalism – not an easy task. There is another group of people who have really taken on an enormous workload: our Cancer Research Committee (CRC), which as part of our Protocol Review and Monitoring System, reviews all new and continuing protocols for scientific merit and truly oversees our clinical research portfolio. Led by Claudine Isaacs, the CRC has been facing a progressively rising workload of studies of increasing complexity. Their regular meetings have become marathons because Lombardi is increasingly viewed as a premier destination for high-impact clinical trials. I am deeply grateful to the CRC for its work on behalf of our scientific mission, our patients and our investigators.

Speaking of our investigators, we are preparing for next week’s meeting of our External Advisory Committee meeting. I am working hard on my overview, which will set up a day where we will seek the EAC’s feedback on our three major areas of strategic emphasis: precision medicine, immunotherapy and cancer survivorship. We also will review our existing and planned multi-investigator initiatives. So, this week will be busy, even as we begin the holiday season’s many celebrations.

Have a great week.

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