Feb 23 2015

A long day of travel

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As I write this I am sitting in a departure lounge at Reagan National Airport, about to have a long travel day to Albuquerque for a NCI meeting. The past week was busy, and I caught up on a lot of work, including preparing my reviews for the NCI meeting I am attending. The review starts tonight, and ends on Wednesday morning, followed by a long two-leg flight home. As is so common, my scheduled Monday morning flight (to Dallas) was canceled yesterday due to weather issues there so I spent about an hour on the phone arranging for alternate flights through the NCI travel service. The glamour of traveling is greatly overrated.

The weekend was very pleasant. We decided to see an on-demand movie at home on Saturday rather than deal with the weather that night, and chose ‘The Theory of Everything’, which we liked a lot. Eddie Redmayne certainly earned his Oscar! On Sunday we visited with our kids in Baltimore for a while and returned home to watch the Oscars, which were not as good as the movies they celebrated. And the underwear bit by Neal Patrick Harris was plain weird, though it was an interesting commentary on the dress-up craziness of the evening. I was glad to see that ‘Selma’ got some recognition that was certainly well earned.

After I get back late Wednesday I have a ton of work waiting for me, but hope to use the plane rides and layovers to cut into the “virtual” pile facing me.

Have a good week.

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