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Dec 20 2013

Great news regarding our CCSG renewal application!

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We have received a very encouraging preliminary Summary Statement of our application for renewal of our CCSG. The overall score of the application was “Excellent”, which in the CCSG context typically translates to a strong endorsement and continuation of funding at requested or near-requested levels.

Several of our scored elements received higher ratings, including an “Outstanding-Exceptional” for our Cancer Prevention and Control Program, and all of our clinical elements were approved.  Furthermore, all six criteria that are required to retain Comprehensive status were met — with rankings of Excellent or Outstanding for all.

As we end 2013 and head into a new year, we can feel proud of what we have accomplished, knowing that this most rigorous peer review process has concluded that we are doing very well. Please accept my thanks to each and every one of you for your contributions to Lombardi’s success, and my best wishes for a joyous holiday season and a happy, healthy and productive new year.


Lou Weiner


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Dec 15 2013

A Superb Site Visit

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Well, that was fun! We had an excellent site visit, in my opinion. The level of professionalism was incredibly high, the presentations and answers to questions were superb and we certainly represented Lombardi and Georgetown University very well. We will know fairly soon how we were evaluated, but I simply could not be prouder of our accomplishments. I’ll be providing a more extensive debrief at Monday’s faculty meeting, and will thank some of our “undersung” heroes at that time. However, I’d like to single out Sharon Levy, who shouldered the responsibilities of representing the integrated CRMO wonderfully well. Thanks, Sharon!

I spent most of the week at an antibody engineering meeting in San Diego, so I don’t have a lot else to report today. But, I sure look forward to the future, and to many years of exciting productive work here at Lombardi.

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Dec 10 2013

A Special Blog

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Welcome to the snowy day after D-Day! Yesterday’s CCSG site visit went off without a hitch. We won’t know our score or preliminary summary statement for another two weeks or so, but every single presentation was great and our presenters effectively answered all of the questions. Undoubtedly the reviewers will identify some issues, but I believe they were impressed and appreciative of the progress we have made over the past four years.

While everybody connected with this massive effort deserves our thanks I want to pay particular homage to three people – Ellen McLaughlin, Mike Atkins and Carolyn Hurley. You will hear more about their remarkable contributions from me in future communications but they were true stars on a team that honors the legacy of our cancer center, our name and our mission. I feel very fortunate to work with each of them. And, I am so proud to represent this wonderful cancer center.

So now we wait for a little bit. I for one have papers to write and grants to assemble. But not today! In fact I am sitting at Dulles Airport hoping my flight to LA is not canceled by today’s storm; I am scheduled to give a talk at an antibody engineering meeting this afternoon. I plan to read a book (now that is a novel idea!) on the plane.

Stay warm, dry and safe today.

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Dec 09 2013

Site Visit Day is Here!

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Due to our NCI site visit, there will be no blog this week.

See you next week!

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Dec 01 2013


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I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! We spent a long, restorative weekend with family. Everyone is fine, but the grandkids were the stars of the show. Ella is completely captivating and it was marvelous to spend a few consecutive days with her. This was the last coincidence of Thanksgiving with the first night of Chanukah for the next 30,000 years, and so we celebrated Turkey day with gifts for the first time I can remember. Only the kids get gifts in our family, but boy, they did clean up! My brother, who is a kid at heart, bought Isaac the all-time great gift for a three-year old dinosaur connoisseur – a nearly life-size T-Rex that responds to commands, roars, moves around and shoots some type of foam projectile to boot. Isaac is in “Dino Heaven.”

We also had a chance to catch up with some old friends, and that was great too. We gathered as a family to celebrate our son David’s engagement to Kelly, who already feels like a part of the family. They haven’t yet set a date, but it will certainly not happen until they are residents, long after they graduate from medical school this May. We feel very fortunate to have so much to celebrate.

And, the Eagles won (with a little help from the referees), so we’ll have something to root for, at least through the next few weeks.

It was not all fun and games—much of the weekend was consumed by rereading the sections of the CCSG that will be relevant to my site visit presentation eight days from now. I may have been reading through rose-tinted glasses, but the grant sure reads well. I am confident that the site visitors will have many questions and issues, but I could not be prouder of the quality of the presentation and our preparations for the site visit. I can’t wait until we have a chance to showcase our progress on December 9.

I think I will skip next week’s blog as we prepare for the site visit. Have a great week!

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