Sep 15 2013

Approaching the Finish Line

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What a beautiful weekend this has been! I cannot imagine more perfect late summer weather. We spent Friday night through Saturday night observing Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, which involves a 24-hour fast and a full day in synagogue. We take short breaks and it was lovely to stroll about in the sunshine. The day also is a sobering reminder of our own mortality and the immenseness of existence, along with other weighty concepts. I find myself energized by this holiday to make the most of my existence and to make this world a better place.

The earlier part of the week was productive. On Monday I participated in the MedStar-Georgetown retreat, led by Neil Weissman and Bob Clarke. We learned a lot about the many opportunities for collaboration and I am encouraged by the growing alignment of the MedStar and Georgetown research missions. On Tuesday I spent much of the day with colleagues from Hackensack University Medical Center as we work to better define our joint strategic priorities, milestones and timelines.

I spent Thursday at Fox Chase Cancer Center, where I used to work, as a member of the Center’s External Advisory Board. It was very nice to see old friends and to get to better know their new Center Director, Rich Fisher. Scrutinizing the work of another cancer center is particularly useful to me as I prepare for our upcoming site visit on October 3. I have probably crossed the line of obsession with regard to my 30-minute overview, but I am determined to set up the entire day by telling the story of our terrific cancer center.

With the upcoming site visit, every spare minute I have is spent on my presentation, or in reading through the application. I can’t wait for October 4!

Have a great week.


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