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Oct 19 2009

Greetings from Belfast!

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I have had a wonderful and productive week in Dublin and Belfast meeting with Irish oncologists, researchers and government officials to discuss ways for Lombardi and GUMC with our Irish colleagues to develop meaningful and impactful collaborations. I accompanied Howard Federoff, Andy Deubler and Bob Clarke, and somehow survived Bob Clarke’s driving as well.

Bob Clarke veered off the road and nearly slaughtered a cow...

Bob Clarke veered off the road and nearly slaughtered a cow...

Alas, there was no time for golf, though we saw some beautiful countyside and very impressive cities during our visit. However, the lost opportunity to ineptly swing at a little ball was more than compensated for by many interesting new collaborative possibilities that we can consider.

Bob and I at Dunluce Castle

Bob and I at Dunluce Castle

I am back on Saturday and then have the AACI meeting (thankfully in DC), starting on Sunday afternoon. It will be good to get home, and then back to the office.

Time to pack…

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Oct 04 2009

Still Recovering… (or, John Marshall is the Fifth Beatle)

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Now that the NCI Site Visit is over, things are beginning to settle down a bit, I had the great fortune to attend a spectacular event this past Tuesday evening in the Riggs Library to honor Jeanne Ruesch and her family for donating $6.75 Million to establish the Otto Ruesch Center for the Cure of Gastrointestinal Cancers. The event was attended by many of Georgetown’s leaders, along with some friends of the Ruesch family. One of them, who used to work in E501 for Phyllis, was successfully treated for a seminoma by Nancy Dawson shortly after she arrived here; I am sure Nancy’s ears were burning as a result of the lavish praise that was tossed around about her skills as a physician and as a warm and caring person.

During the meal, I had the privilege of making a few remarks and introducing the star of the evening, John Marshall, who will direct the Ruesch Center. I do not exaggerate when I tell you I truly was the warm-up act for a superstar. John’s powerful and totally captivating presentation mesmerized the gathering; he embodied humanism, clinical virtuosity, soaring ambition, and a profound sense of the value of every single human life. In short, he exemplified cura personalis, and embodied everything that is good about Georgetown, and about Lombardi. I was humbled and honored to share the dais with him. To give you an idea of how he touched all of us, the Georgetown University Executive Committee met on Wednesday and Thursday, and at least four different speakers referred directly to John’s presentation as a prime example of how Georgetown University’s values can translate into action. Of course, both John and I expressed our profound gratitude to the Ruesch family for making John’s vision come to life. The establishment of the Ruesch Center will long be remembered as the critical event in the evolution of our efforts to make a difference in these challenging diseases.

On another note, please check out Lombardi’s presence as a sponsor of WashFM’s breast cancer awareness month activities. I am very pleased to see (hear?) us reaching out into the community in this way.

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