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Feb 26 2009

Getting ready for spring

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I don’t know about you, but knowing that Spring Training has started gives me some hope that Winter is finally winding down! It will feel good to walk around without needing a coat.

As always, this is a very busy time of the year. Last week, John Marshall and I had a very interesting conference call regarding a new vaccine that could be used in pancreatic cancer patients. This week, Khaled El Shami, Carolyn Hurley, and I are meeting with the NCI bone marrow transplant program people to further develop an exciting allogeneic natural killer cell infusion protocol for refractory myeloid leukemia patients. This collaboration truly represents an integrated clinical and laboratory research initiative with our NCI colleagues.

And, on Wednesday, Anton Wellstein showed me some really interesting data from the new Translational Laboratory headed by Narayan Shivapurkar, who joined us in January from the University of Texas, Southwestern, where he worked with John Minna. This laboratory plans to use multiplexed protein and phosphoprotein detection assays on a novel instrument, the Meso Scale Discovery Platform, and the data thus far indicate that a sensitive and fairly comprehensive analysis of key protein phosphorylation events can be monitored using small tissue samples. This tool should greatly expand our capacity to conduct correlative science in the context of clinical trials; if you have any questions, check with Anton or Narayan. Narayan is also developing microRNA expression assays; the very early returns are encouraging. Once the assays have been successfully developed, they too can serve to extend our clinical trial support repertoire. Needless to say, both the phosphorylation and microRNA technologies will prove to be valuable for all types of science that is done at Lombardi.

I’ve also had some interesting meetings in the last week. For example, I participated in a conference call with our Population Science focused External Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC) on Monday, and received helpful suggestions and very positive feedback as we head into the homestretch for our CCSG submission. I’ll have more information about this at Wednesday’s Town Hall Meeting.

On that note, have a great rest of the week and please make sure to join us at the Lombardi Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, March 4th.

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Feb 19 2009

Support Lombardi’s Avon Walk Team

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In a horrifying convergence of the forces of nature, my wife Harriet has joined with Jeanne Mandelblatt to take a lead role in Lombardi’s support for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. As many of you know, Jeanne has long been associated with this effort and Peter Shields has made remarkable contributions to oversee the Medical Team that supports the walk. Last year the Lombardi effort was spirited, but relatively small. As a recipient of generous support of the Avon Foundation and to support the incredibly important cause that inspires the event, I am hoping that Lombardi will really ramp up its presence at this year’s event.

Already the team has swelled to 13 members – each of whom has pledged to raise at least $1,800 from friends, family, and other sources. However, there’s no reason why the team can’t be much larger. Moreover, the team could sure benefit from support at the various cheering stations along the route. If you can, I urge you to join the Walking Team, to cheer them on, or sign up for the Medical Team.

Let’s show Washington that Lombardi really cares and aim to have the largest team of any comprehensive cancer center at the Walk.

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Feb 12 2009

Report from our External Scientific Advisory Committee

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It’s been a busy past few weeks. Last Tuesday, as many of you know, our External Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC) visited and conducted a remarkably thorough and helpful review of the cancer center. My thanks go out to everyone who prepared so hard to make this a successful and productive exercise. We received generally positive feedback along with specific suggestions that will improve the clarity of our upcoming core grant submission. Several of the ESAC members joined a few of us at the Rutgers game and got to see the only game that Georgetown has won in recent memory. We must bring the ESAC back soon!

I also had the pleasant opportunity to meet with the Lombardi Gala Corporate Committee to continue our planning for this year’s Gala. I’m really excited about resuming this wonderful tradition after a one year hiatus.

This week was highlighted by the University Board of Director’s meeting. As always, I was pleased to note the incredibly thoughtful and wise perspective of our board. I really mean that! And I’m very happy to have their unwavering support for the Lombardi and its mission.

Yesterday’s activities were enlivened by a trip to the NIH campus where Minetta Liu and I met with Jay Berzofsky and his colleagues to discuss collaboration around a novel vaccine concept for the treatment of HER2 positive breast cancer. I think we’ll have a lot of fun working with Jay and his colleagues, and we’ll be able to offer our patients cutting-edge options as well. The visit exemplified for me the potential for reaching out to local governmental and non-governmental entities to collaborate in areas of high scientific importance. As they say in real estate – location, location, location!

Now it’s time to get back to writing my section of the core grant renewal. Talk to you next week.

Update: Be sure to check out the comments we received on the logos. Thank you for your very thoughtful responses. We are taking all of the feedback into consideration as we move forward in collaboration with the University on our branding initiative.

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Feb 01 2009

A New Logo for Lombardi

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As many of you know, we are in the process of developing a new look for the Cancer Center – including a new website, a redesign of Lombardi Magazine, and a new logo. Over 120 of our faculty and staff participated in a recent survey about two logo designs that we are considering.  We also sent the survey out to donors, patients, and friends/family of patients.

So first, thank you to all who responded to our email survey.

I’d like to share with you the two top designs, to make sure everyone has an opportunity to give us feedback. I invite everyone to leave a comment here and let us know what you think.

Based on the feedback from the survey (over 24 pages of comments!) and your thoughts here, we will work to revise the the most popular design into the final logo.

Bubble logo

Bubble logo

Skyline logo

Skyline logo

Logo descriptions

Bubble: Lombardi operates under the banner of Cura Personalis, a latin phrase that means care of the whole person. Four missions-research, treatment, education, and community-complete the vision of care and research at Lombardi.

The person-the patient, the researcher, the caregiver-is at the center of everything Lombardi does; it is the individual who inspires and it is the individual who makes the difference. The way the figure is portrayed suggests a forward circular movement, paralleling translational research-from bench to bedside, and back. All new ideas move from the researcher to the patient, and ultimately transform the standard of care around the world.

The overlapping circular shapes in this graphic also suggest a microsopic cluster of cells. This, when combined with the human figure, provides a relevant statement about the impact of scientific research on our well-being.

Skyline:The Georgetown University skyline reinforces the reputation and quality of work at Lombardi. The gothic skyline, recognizable to many in the Washington, DC area, conveys a strong sense of location, history, and excellence. Closely tying the cancer center to its academic roots, the logo reinforces the relationship with Georgetown University and provides recognition beyond simply the Lombardi name.

This is an image Lombardi has used in the past, such as the 2006 Annual Report, as well as this blog.

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