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Sep 26 2008

Hope on Wheels

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On Wednesday, Lombardi hosted the now annual Hyundai Hope on Wheels Event. This year, Aziza Shad’s pediatric survivorship program received a $40,000 check from the Washington area Hyundai dealers, bringing their contributions to more than $200,000 over the past five years. The touching handprint ceremony celebrates the achievements of our pediatric team and the brave patients we serve. In recognition of the event, DC Mayor Adrian Fenty proclaimed Wednesday, September 24th, 2008, the official Hope on Wheels Day for the District of Columbia.

Hope on Wheels

Hope on Wheels

On that note, I hope that many of you have had a chance to meet Joe Teague, who is spearheading Lombardi’s Advancement efforts. Joe is working hard to identify and expand our donor base, and we are putting together case statements for our high priority initiatives. You’ll hear more about them in the near future. We are fortunate to have unified and powerful support for our fundraising efforts from all of the important stakeholders at Georgetown. We need to be patient, since it will take time to create and benefit from having a real fundraising engine, but I am very optimistic.

For next week, please mark your calendars to attend the Fisher Center’s first annual lecture coming up on Thursday. The speaker, Dr. Steven Narod, was named the most highly cited scientist in the world in the field of breast cancer.

Finally, I spent time in the Lombardi clinic yesterday so John Deeken could show me the ropes. My first day seeing patients is in the middle of next month. While I’ll have to keep my practice small, I really look forward to getting back to patient care; I am always inspired by my patients, and reminded that cancer research should always be conducted with the knowledge that people depend on us to help them. We have lots of work to do!

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Sep 22 2008

My Blue Suede Shoes

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I’m glad to be back at work, though my schedule has been pretty hectic this week.

My blue suede shoes

My blue suede shoes

In my last post, I neglected to mention the fabulous Doo Wop Concert for Cancer, held at the Warner Theater on October 6. Thanks to the fabulous efforts of the organizing committee the theater was full, and everyone seemed to have a great time (special kudos to Paul Schweitzer and Jack Schneider, and to Elena Jeannotte for carrying on the great work started by Bonnie Roberts). I do not know what I will do with the blue suede shoes I purchased for the occasion, though I am open to suggestions. We raised a lot of money for Lombardi programs, and I hope we will have similar events in future years. And, don’t forget that the Gala will be back next year!

For those of you who did not attend, we had a very nice reception yesterday in the E501 conference room to congratulate Chip Albanese, Rabindra Roy, Offie Soldin, and Ken Tercyak on their promotions. Expect this to become a Lombardi tradition. It was also great to see Arnie Potosky and Subha Madhaven at the reception, so I could informally welcome them too, as new members of our faculty.

I was at the Georgetown University Board of Directors meeting on Thursday morning, and as always, came away impressed by the commitment of the Board to the success of Lombardi.

Finally, I really enjoyed Jeff Toretsky’s research presentation this week. It is always fun to witness the early development of exciting translational research initiatives, though I was disappointed that Jeff did not bring his clarinet to play a tune appropriate for the occasion.

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Sep 12 2008

Afternoon Tea

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Greetings from Colorado. I’ve tried to not think too much about work, but I am really ready to dive back into action.

Lucile Adams-Campbell reminded me of a wonderful tradition she remembered from when she spent time at Fox Chase Cancer Center. Every afternoon there is an informal “tea” where people get together and socialize or talk about their science. It made me wonder if we should start our own tradition where we can all get together as our schedules permit. Any comments?

See you all on Monday!

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Sep 07 2008

Doo Wop, but no Blues!

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I hope everyone had a great labor day weekend, and is ready for the opening of the academic year, which will be a very productive and exciting time for Lombardi. I’ve returned from my vacation refreshed and ready for action. While it was rather sedentary (since Harriet’s ankle is in a cast), we enjoyed the beauty at the shore and the chance to be with our family.

After a travel day on Tuesday, I had the privelege of participating in the Committee on Medical Center Affairs (COMCA) at the Wye River Retreat where Clinton, Arafat, and Nethanyahu met for one of their meetings. While the topics at COMCA were not nearly so momentous, I was gratified by the strong, consistent, and public support for Lombardi and our vision for the future from Jack DeGioia, Tim O’Neill, the new chair of the committee who also chaired the search committee that led to my recruitment, and from Howard Federoff. Having this consistency of vision can only be useful to us as we move forward.

I’m also really excited about the Doo Wop Concert this Saturday. I’m told we’ll have 1500 attendees and we expect to raise a lot of money, awareness, and good will for the cancer center. Along with the other organizers of the event, I’ve been forced to don attire appropriate to the era – a white dinner jacket with a blue lapel handkerchief – leading to the effect of Frank Sinatra in blue jeans. I also purchased a special accessory for the evening, and all those who attend the concert will be both bemused and horrified by what they see.

The other big event coming up in the next week is the Georgetown University Medical Center Convocation (thanks for the reminder, Susette!). I’m sorry I won’t be able to be there – I will be traveling yet again. I think this will be a really special event that will become a GUMC tradition. I expect it to be interesting and inspiring, and I encourage you to be a part of it.

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