Why New Orleans?

When first assigned with this project, I wanted to study Chicago, since that is where I grew up. I did not grow up in the city, but rather the suburbs, so I thought this would be an interesting perspective. But as I did initial research, I realized I already knew much of what I was reading. So, I decided to switch my city to New Orleans, which I have only been to twice before. Once for a mission trip and the other to visit family and colleges.

The lively vibes of the city are apparent from the moment one arrives in the city. There is something so unique about the city that combines historical cultures and events in the city to create a contemporary culture that is unlike any other in the United States.

What do you envision for your final project?

I am very interested in creating an interactive map. I think they pull people in by instigating them to explore on their own, rather than just read a list. With my intended audience being tourists and visitors to New Orleans, this adds an element of exploration that they are most likely hoping to experience while in the city.

How will this scrapbook allow you to share themes and concepts discussed in the course, ‘Literary Representations of the City’, with the greater public? 

We have covered many interesting aspects that critically analyze really what constitutes a city and how they function and survive. From emigration to people creating the culture of cities, and vis a versa, to gentrification- these aspects apply to New Orleans and its history in many ways, and I will explore these throughout my project.

Who is your intended audience? Does this affect how you are going to represent the concepts from class? 

I am not a native of New Orleans, so attempting to make an interactive map for natives would be a tough task. Because of this, I am going to make an overarching, all-encompassing map that brushes on the important basics of New Orleans. It will be a place where tourists can visit if they are looking to find a little more information about certain aspects of the culture of New Orleans- history, literature, monuments, sightseeing, music, food, etc.

What challenges will you face when creating the interactive map?

New Orleans has such a rich history and influences on its culture from so many different parts of the world that is is going to be hard to capture all of that in a map. By keeping in mind that I need to filter my research to give a basic understanding to tourists looking for information, not an in depth explanation, that should help. But because the history and fun facts about certain cultural aspects are so interesting, it will be challenging to gather a basic summary and not overwhelm my audience.

How will you organize your map?

I hope to find different aspects spanning the culture of New Orleans and pinpoint their origin. Whether that is the birthplace of jazz, a monument, an author’s historic home or something of that manner, I want to highlight a specific part of the city and pinpoint this to attract users of the map to that site.