Welcome to Georgetown University’s portal to lecture capture! The community of practice will introduce you to lecture capture and provide examples of how it may be used. Do you want to incorporate lecture capture into your courses? This portal will point you in the right direction and connect you to the support you need.

What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture capture (LC) is a technology that allows you to record your voice along with what is being displayed on a computer screen. This often means capturing your spoken lecture along with the slides, websites, videos, or other media being presented with the lecture. However, there are many more ways LC can be used, which you can learn about on this site.

Echo360 Software

Echo360 is the platform selected to support lecture capture campus-wide at Georgetown University. It has been installed on all classroom computers and is available for faculty members to install on their personal computers. Read more here!

How can I use lecture capture in my course?

Watch Dr. Myers example here!

There are several ways lecture capture can be used! An example of an “end product” of a recorded lecture is the Medical Center’s Dr. Myers’s SMARTboard lecture. Check out the Pedagogy section on this website to review different lecture capture practices, and be inspired by current faculty members use of lecture capture, under Faculty Stories.