Augustine, Confessions
Directory of the thirteen books of E.B. Pusey’s nineteenth century translation of Augustine’s Confessions.
Augustine, Enchiridion
Text of Augustine’s Enchiridion, translated by Albert C. Outler, Ph.D., D.D.
Catholic Encylopedia
Early Church Documents
Includes Canonical information, writings of the Apostolic fathers, creeds and canons, etc. At ICLnet.
Eckhart Society
Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism
This interdisciplinary seminar on the Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism is designed as an internet version of an ongoing research seminar of the graduate students and scholars at the department of theology of Marquette University (Milwaukee, USA)
Thomas Aquinas
A biography of the life, writings, and influences of Thomas Aquinas at the Jacques Maritain Center, Notre Dame.
Thomas Aquinas Doctor Angelicus
The Website of the international Thomistic yearbook “Doctor Angelicus.” In addition to research articles, each yearbook contains numerous reviews and an extensive bibliography, listing the Thomistic secondary literature published during the previous year
Thomas Aquinas, Summa contra gentiles
An Annotated Translation (With some Abridgement) of the Summa Contra Gentiles of Saint Thomas Aquinas by Joseph Rickaby, S.J., M.A.
Thomas Aquinas, Summa theologica
Online text of the Summa, conveniently broken down by subject.

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