Aberdeen Bestiary
History and descriptions of the Aberdeen Bestiary kept by Aberdeen University library.
Ambrosiana Archive, Catalogue of Drawings, University of Notre Dame
Inventory-Catalogue of the drawings in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan.
In Aedibus Aldi: The Legacy of Aldus Manutius and his Press
From the Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University.
Auchinleck Hours
Auchinleck manuscript dates from London, 1330s and is used by scholars as an example of literature that was contemporary to Chaucer.
Austrian Illuminated Manuscripts between ca. 780 and ca. 1250
Online-database of manuscripts (in German).
Only surviving manuscript of the famous Middle Dutch legend of nun Beatrijs, in the collections of Koninklijke Bibliotheek. To enter digitized manuscript, click on Bladereen door de Beatrijs. Site also has audio fragments of Middle Dutch. Site in Dutch.
On-line exhibition of bestiaries and aviaries which includes Roman de Renart and Roman de Fauvain. Available in English and Spanish but full catalog and explanations are best accessed in French.
Bodleian Library, Illuminated Manuscript Images
Taken from the Bodleian Library’s slide collection of manuscripts
Bodleian Library: Western manuscripts to c.1500
Medieval and renaissance manuscripts at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, including links to information about published and unpublished resources and online handlists.
Book of Hours
Includes calender, penitential psalms, litanies, Hours of the Virgin, Holy Spirit, and Cross, as well as the Office for the Dead and Suffrages to Saints.
Book of Kells
Selected pages from the Book of Kells.
British Library Gallery
Digital gallery for manuscripts: Lisbon Hebrew Bible, Sherbourne Missel, Flemish “Golf” book, Luttrell psalter, Diamond Sutra (Chinese, 868), and the Sultan Baybarsi Qur’an (1304), etc.
The Burnet Psalter, Aberdeen University
High resolution digitized images of the 15th century psalter. Unusual subjects such as St. Bridget of Sweden (Folio 28v) and Hours in commemoration of the Guardian Angel (Folio 300r).
Carolingian Writing Centers Map
With links to other maps.
Cary Collection
Medieval manuscripts in the Cary Graphics Arts Collection at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, N.Y.
CEEC – Codices Electronici Ecclesiae Colonienis
A continuously updated database of the Church of Cologne’s manuscripts. Over 320 manuscripts have been digitized, including Codex 212, one of the oldest extent (590 – 604) manuscripts in Germany. Manuscripts searchable by: language, place of writing, sign
Codices Electronici Sangallenses
The digital library of the codices of the monastery of St. Gall, Switzerland. Codices in high resolution, zoomable digitized format with scholarly descriptions. Browseable by age, author, title, language, and signature. Searchable by index or simple search.
Codices Latini Monacenses
Full text database of the former Clm Catalogue of Karl Halm. Provides numerous searchable databases of manuscripts and paleography. [in German]
Digital Scriptorium
Visual union catalog of medieval manuscripts organized by Berkeley and Columbia.
Digitalni Knihovna historickych fondu Vedecke Knihoung v Olomouci
Over 50 fully digitized medieval manuscripts in the Library of Olomouc in Czechslovakia. In Czech but easy to navigate.
DScriptorium Home Page
Digital images of Medieval manuscripts
E-Codices – Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland
Over 235 manuscripts in 13 Swiss libraries have been high resolution digitized. Fully zoomable. Search by Author, Title, Age, and Signature.
Evolution of the Medieval Book
Overview and analysis of the development of the medieval book. Sections include: letterforms, bindings, music, schoolbooks, destruction of books, and a link to Cornell’s medieval books.
Hill Monastic Manuscript Library
Provides searchable database of microfilm manuscript contents in their holdings.
Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Images
Collection of manuscript images at Saint John’s University.
Historical Auxiliary Sciences
A up to date collection of links to all subject of the “Historical Auxiliary Sciences”, ranging from paleography, codicology and diplomatics to numismatics, chronology, genealogy, heraldry etc. Part of the Virtual Library-History Network.
Irish Script on Screen
Searchable database of digitized manuscripts in the following Irish institutions: National Library of Ireland, National University of Ireland – Galway, National University of Ireland – Mayroch, Royal Irish Academy, Trinity College, University College Dublin.
Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Netherlands)
A selection of manuscripts, printed works, book bindings, and specimens from the paper history collection.
Lawrence J. Schoenberg Collection
An Exhibition at the U. Pennsylvania Library.
Lindisfarne Gospels
The Lindisfarne Gospels is one of the most important inheritances from early Northumbria. Written and illuminated about 698 in honor of St Cuthbert, the famous Bishop of Lindisfarne, who died in 687, it is a masterpiece of book production and a historic
Manuscripta mediaevalia
Database, mainly for medieval manuscripts in German libraries, digitized catalogs (about 230 printed volumes), now including older and foreign catalogs (Basel, Uppsala etc.)
Medieval Bestiary
A database of text and images related to the Medieval Bestiary and its sources. Includes an extensive annotated bibliography, a list of manuscripts with descriptions, and tables of beasts.
Medieval Manuscripts in Dutch Collections
Database of medieval manuscripts in various Dutch collections. Sections on paleography and bindings. Manuscripts featured: Zwolle Bible, Utrecht Psalter, and Jan Yperman’s Flemish Surgical Instruments.
Medieval Multimedia
Multimedia projects,including Ductus, an online paleography and codicology program (the history of western European handwriting).
Medieval Writing
An ongoing project on the history of medieval handwriting, paleography and the nature of literacy in the middle ages. Includes extensive information, links and a bibliography.
Monarchs and Monasteries: Knowledge and Power in Medieval France
History of and links to French Manuscripts (late 8th–late 15th centuries)
Murthly Hours
Descriptions and digital photos of the Murthly Hours, one of Scotland’s most important illuminated manuscripts. Dates from the 1280s.
National Library of Wales
National Library of Wales searchable digitized manuscript collection. Includes the digitized Penairth collection: Hengwrt Chaucer, Law of Hywel Dda, Beunans Meriask (Cornish), etc.
Old English Manuscripts Database
A database of Old English Texts by John Herrington.
Image-mapped analysis of thirteenth- and fourteenth-century charters in England; large images with mouseover grammar and syntax files and links to transcriptions and translations.
Paleography and Codicology: Introductory Bibliography
Paleography and Codicology: an Introductory Bibliography by Martin Irvine.
Pierpont Morgan Library Online Catalog, CORSAIR
The Pierpont Morgan Library’s online collections catalog, CORSAIR, contains detailed records for the Library’s entire collection of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts and medieval art
Piers Plowman Electronic Archive
An electronic archive of the textual tradition of all three versions of the fourteenth-century allegorical dream vision Piers Plowman (Hoyt Duggan).
Pontifical Ambrosian Institute for Sacred Music – Milan
The Pontifical Ambrosian Institute of Sacred Music is an academic/scientific institution, with particular attention given to the manuscript sources of the Ambrosian Rite and Chant.
Rabanus Maurus, De rerum naturis
Listing of the Manuscripts of Rabanus Maurus, De rerum naturis, with a transcription of the text (ed. William Schipper).
Sala Family Archives
Medieval and Early Modern Catalonian Charters (by Joseph Gwara; hypermedia edition, Jessica Vitz).
Schøyen Collection
The Schøyen Collection is an extensive private manuscript collection with a searchable index of its collections.
St Albans Psalter
This project, funded by the A.H.R.B. and Aberdeen University, was directed by Jane Geddes, FSA.
Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

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