This Internet Wiretap online edition of Virgil’s Aeneid translated by John Dryden. Hosted by CCAT, University of Pennsylvania.
Archivum Liturgicum Sacrosanctæ Romanæ Ecclesiæ
The liturgical books of Roman Catholic Church, following the Rubrics of John XXIII (1962)
Ausonius’s Mosella
Etext of ‘Mosella’ provided by Oliver Philips of the University of Kansas.
Bible Browser
Includes advanced search techniques and the choice of a variety of English translations and the Vulgate.
Bibliotheca Augustana – litteraturae et artis collection
Index of Latin literature which includes: Hispania, Poloncia, Germanica, Lusitana, etc. Site is navigated in Latin and can be searched by chronological or alphabetical order.
Book of Sentences (Latin + English), Peter Lombard
Latin texts and English trans. of selected distinctions from Peter Lombards 4 Books of Sentences, Quarrachi Edition.
Corpus Latinum Stampense
Latin texts about the the French town of Etampes (Estampes, latin Stampae) in France (Essonnes)
Guide to Early Church Documents
Contains canonical information, documents by the Apostolic Fathers, many Patristic texts, creeds and later documents.
Latin Mass
Text of a traditional Latin mass with audio.
Latin Vulgate, French, and German Bibles
Multi-lingual Bibles, search or browse by book. By the ARTFL Project of University of Chicago.
Liber Peristephanon (Crowns of the Martyrs)
This etext of Prudentius’ Peristephanon edited by James J. O’Donnell, University of Pennsylvania.
Manipulus Florum
A searchable edition of Thomas de Hibernia’s “Manipulus florum” (“Handful of flowers”), a major collection of approximately 6000 authoritative Latin quotations attributed to a variety of classical, patristic, and medieval authors.
Parallel Latin/English Psalter
Latin from the Vulgate and English from the Douay Book of Psalms. Indexed by number and incipits.
Paris Prose
An edition in Latin and English of the first fifty psalms in the Paris Psalter, MS. Bibliothèque Nationale fonds latin 8824, prepared by Richard Stracke. With explanation and brief bibliography.
Pliny the Younger, Letters 10.96-97
Letters to Emperor Trajan on Christianity. English translation by James O’Donnell.
This etext of Prudentius’ work edited by James O’Donnell.
St. Bonaventure
Latin and English texts from St. Bonaventure’s Commentary on the Book of Sentences of Peter Lombard
Textkit – Greek and Latin Learning Tools
Textkit is an all free education resource which provides full and free downloads of Latin grammars books and Latin readers.
David Wilson-Okamura of East Carolina University’s searchable web site that contains extensive bibliographies organized by time period, translations, and link to a Virgil discussion group Mantovano.

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