Dante Database
Large collection of texts by and about Dante, art and texts inspired by Dante, recent headlines, and discussion. With search engine.
Dante Society of America
The homepage of the Dante Society, the oldest literary organization in the United States, founded in 1881.
Decameron Web
Brown University’s Decameron Web, an on-line source for Giovanni Boccaccio’s opus.
Epistle to Cangrande (English)
This translation was supplied by James Marchand of the University of Illinois, who has included some annotation on passages from other others quoted by Dante.
Epistle to Cangrande (Latin)
This text of Dante’s Epistle to Cangrande was supplied by James Marchand of the University of Illinois.
Lectura Dantis
Online version of scholarly journal for Dante research and interpretation.
Medioevo Italiano Project
The Medioevo Italiano Project (MIP), an Italian non-profit organization, provides research consultation and discussion forums, among other research aids.
Opera del Vocabolario Italiano
Historical dictionary of Old Italian.
Robert Hollander’s Barlow Lectures
Professor Robert Hollander of Princeton University delivered the Barlow Lectures which concern the authenticity of Dante’s Cangrande at University College London.

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