Book of the Heart
In this online essay, Eric Jager traces the history of the metaphor of the self as a text. He concentrates on the Middle Ages, when the idea of the “book of the heart” achieved some of its most vivid and powerful expressions in religion and literature.
Calendar Calculator
Generate calendars for medieval months and years based on specified criteria.
CARA Data Project
Medieval Academy of America: Committee on Centers and Regional Associations (CARA) compilation of information on medieval studies centers, programs, committees, libraries, and regional associations.
CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts
The stated mission of this site is “to bring the wealth of Irish literary and historical culture (in Irish, Latin, Anglo-Norman French, and English) to the Internet in a rigorously scholarly project.
Corpus Medieval Etampois
Documents about the History of the French town of Etampes (Estampes, latin Stampae) in France (Essonnes)
Courtly Love
A brief introduction to the history of courtly love.
De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History
Offers articles, book reviews, and primary sources.
Encyclopdeia Mythica – Index of Folklore and Mythology – Celtic Mythology
Articles alphabetically organized by god.
Henry I
An encyclopedic entry on the life and history of Henry I. Includes detailed information and several very good links for further study.
Inter Libros: Gateway for Classics and Medieval Studies Research at Harvard
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
The Internet Medieval Sourcebook is an excellent resource and starting point for online Medieval Studies research.
Jordanus – International Catalogue of Medieval Scientific Manuscripts
Jordanus, provides an index and searchable database of primary sources for medieval science.
Le site de l’Unité de Recherche en Histoire Médiévale (URHM) de l’Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
This site contains bibliographic information as well as academic conference information for Medieval History. Primarily a tool for reference more than for textual information.
A very resourceful site for Medieval, Renaissance, and 17th Century primary sources, written works, and scholarly criticism. Includes great links and additional resources for study.
Marginalia — The Medieval Reading Group at Cambridge
This is the website for the Medieval Reading Group at the University of Cambridge, and it is intended to be both an online resource and a point of exchange for medievalists at the graduate level around the world.
Medieval History
Carlos Barros, profesor de historia medieval de la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.
Medieval History
This site contains the introduction to the medieval section of “Western Societies: Primary sources in Social History,” Volume One by R.M. Golden and Thomas Kuehn. Includes links to topics such as Social Structure, Marriage and Death, and Cannon Law.
Medieval Labyrinth
The rhythmical structure of the Medieval labyrinth as an explanation of its design and its derivation from the Cretan and Roman models.
Some considerations on history, design, symbolism, psychology, theology.
Pegasus Press
Scholastic publisher of medieval and Renaissance primary texts and criticism, providing inexpensive and hard-to-find books for students at any level.
Regesta Imperii – RI-Opac
One of the largest databases for European History from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance (16th century).
Regia Anglorum
Regia Anglorum attempts to recreate a cross section of English life around the turn of the first millennium.
Saxo Grammaticus: Gesta danorum
The complete Latin text of Saxo’s work on Danish medieval history.
Scholastic Bibliography
A searchable database of literature on all aspects of medieval scholastic writing and culture, including natural philosophy and medicine as well as theology and philosophy.
Signs of Plenty: The Altar of Verdun
This site is a project that integrates modern technology with medieval art, theology, and philosophy. Its focus lies in medieval and modern ways to study the relation between Word and Image, authority and autonomy, memory and imagination.
Slavonic and East European Mediaeval Studies Group
Société des études médiévales du Québec
Fondée au milieu des années 1980, la SEMQ a pour principal objectif de promouvoir la recherche scientifique en études médiévales au Québec.
Society for the History of Medieval Technology and Science (SHMTS)
Studies in Medieval and Reniassnce Teaching
Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching (SMART) is a journal of essays designed to assist teachers in communicating an understanding of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
Tresor du Carolingiens
BNF’s audiovisual exhibition on the Carolingians. Audiovisual presentation on Carolingian writing and other subjects. Contains biographies and time line. Site in French.
Unité de Recherche en Histoire Médiévale
Voice of the Shuttle
An informative website maintained by the University of California at Santa Barbara with many links to subject matter throughout the humanities. Contains extensive series of links.

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