ARTFL Project
A research tool at the University of Chicago for scholars and students in all areas of French Studies containing numerous texts from the 13th-20th Centuries.
Association des Bibliophiles Universels
E-text project in France containing principally later texts but with some medieval. (French Language)
Charrette Project
The Charrette project is a complex, scholarly, multi-media electronic archive containing the medieval manuscript tradition of Chrétien de Troyes’s Le Chevalier de la Charrette (Lancelot, ca.1180).
Chretien de Troyes
Chretien de Troyes’ tale: Lancelot, or The Knight of the Cart.
French Medieval Drama Database Project
Contains many high resolution images of text and the accompanying background. Maintained by Jesse Hurlbut at Brigham Young University.
Provencal Database
A database of Provencal Poetry from 1130-1300. Part of the ARTFL Project at the University of Chicago.
Société Rencesvals American-Canadian Branch
The Société Rencesvals is devoted to the promotion of the study of medieval epic literature in the various Romance languages.

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