English, Old

Anglo-Saxon Charters
Extensive site of texts, background documents, and research aids. This website for the British Academy – Royal Historical Society hosted by Cambridge Universtiy.
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
The text with manuscript and linguistic descriptions.
Anglo-Saxon Herefordshire
Companion website to the book “Anglo-Saxon Herefordshire”
Anglo-Saxon Plant-Name Survey
The project researches the plant names of Anglo-Saxon England.
Online critical edition of the Anglo-Saxon epic poem “Beowulf”, with a new English translation, German translation, hyper-linked explanatory notes, supplementary texts, audio files.
Beowulf and Judith
Etext in original spelling. (British Library, Cotton Vitellius A.15)
Early British Kingdoms
Exeter Book
Etext in original spelling with table of contents. (Exeter, Cathedral Chapter Library, MS 3501)
Junius Manuscript
Etext in original spelling. (Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Junius 11)
Laws of Alfred and Ine
From the Parker Chronicle and Laws (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, MS. 173) Organized by table of contents.
Meters of Boethius
With table of contents by meter. (Base MS: British Library, Cotton Otho A.6)
Modern English to Old English Vocabulary
An extensive vocabulary list from Modern English to Old English, often with several word variants.
Old English “Minor Poems”
Many poems, psalms, hymns, etc. not in the major compilations.
Old English Dictionary Project
Access to the Old English Corpus, a project at the University of Toronto in association with the University of Michigan Press.
Old English Poetry, Alphabetical Index
Alphabetical index of links to etext by editorial titles.
Paris Psalter, list format
Psalms organized in a list. (Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, MS 8824)
Paris Psalter, table format
Psalms organized in a table. (Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, MS 8824)
Prosopgraphy of the Anglo-Saxon World
Searchable database of Anglo-Saxons from 597 – 1042. There is a separate list of kings, bishops, and locations.
Regia Anglorum
Ruthwell Cross
A recontruction of the runic inscription of a late seventh or early eighth century cross.
Sermo Lupi ad Anglos
Critical edition and transcriptions of the extant witnesses to Wulfstan’s Sermo ad Anglos, with glossary, notes, and analogous texts. Some MS images. Edited by Melissa Bernstein Ser, Ph.D.
Tribal Hidage
Text and map showing locations.
Verb Movement in Old and Middle English
A study of dialect variation and language contact by Anthony Kroch and Ann Taylor of the University of Pennsylvania.
Vercelli Book
Etext in original spelling with table of contents. (Vercelli, Cathedral Library, MS CXVII)

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