Cartographic Images
Maps of the Late Medieval Period, 1300 – 1500 A.D.
Collect Britain – Unveiling
Maps curated by Peter Barber, Head of Map Collections for the British Library. This site represents cartographic British history starting with the 9th century Diagrammatic Zonal World Map through to the 20th century. Medieval British maps include: Anglo S
Dossier Pedagogique – La Geographie D’idrisi
High resolution exhibition of the 12 century, 60+ section Islamic map made by D’idrisi dedicated to Roger II of Sicily. In French only.
Contains historical maps of Europe and the Mediterranean starting in the 1st century to the present day. Click on section entitled Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe.
Historical Cities
This site contains maps, literature, and documents on historic cities in Europe and in the Mediterranean.
Imago Mundi – The International Journal for the History of Cartography
Premier academic journal of historical cartography focused on the study of early maps. Full articles only accessible through JSTOR database.
Mappamundi – D’Idrisi
A visual compilation of medieval mappamundi from the D’idrisi BNF exhibit.
Tabula Peutingeriana
High resolution zoomable Peutinger map. Site also contains the 1598 and 1887 facsimiles of the Peutinger.

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