All Saints Church, York, UK
Go to the “About our Church,” “Stained Glass” section. There are images as well as the history and iconographic information for each panel. Contains the unique window narrative of the Middle English poem, Prickle of Conscience.
Claustro: Romanesque Iconography
Romanesque: Doorgates, cloisters and iconographic catalogues
Cloisters at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Cloisters is the branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe.
Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture
Anglo-Saxon sculpture from the 7th – 11th centuries. Besides the searchable database, digital photos, and maps, there is a section pertaining to the grammar of Anglo-Saxon ornament.
Hieronymus Bosch
Examples of his work with history, background, and biographical information.
Institut Royal du Patrimonie Artistique
Photo library with some documentation of Belgium’s moveable art and religious objects that were housed in Belgium’s religious buildings. Though website has English pages, search functions are in French or Dutch. Can also search the journals Le Bulletin an
Jan van Eyck
Examples of work with explanation and history.
High resolution photos of medieval Danish chalk church frescos. Site has English option and is searchable alphabetically and by church site.
Medieval Art History Resources
This site is a collection of primary texts and links to sites that aid the study of English Gothic Art from 1170 to 1350. Within the field of art, it is especially strong in the topics of illuminated manuscripts and episcopal authority.
Medieval Art in Hungary
This page serves as an introductory research guide to the art of the medieval kingdom of Hungary. The site contains information primarily about the art of medieval Hungary, but the topic is framed in a larger Central-European context, with links to sites.
Mills-Kronborg Collection of Danish Chalk Wall Paintings
Alphabetical (Alsted to Vraa) and iconographic image and description index of medieval Danish chalk church frescos.
Princeton University – Gertrude and Robert Metcalf Collection of Images of Stained Glass
Low resolution digital photos of Metcalf slide collection of medieval stained glass windows in Austria, Germany, France, England, and Switzerland.
Princeton University – Index of Christian Art
Princeton database contains 200,000+ images of medieval art. Organized by subject including figures, scenes, nature, object, and miscellany. Your academic institution needs to subscribe to get access to the whole database.
Romanesque Art en Castilla
Guide about Romanesque art in Castilla in Spain: Segivia, Avila, Burgos, Zamora, Palencia…
Romanesque Art in Spain
Site about romanesque and other medieval arts in Spain
Románico en Castilla y León
A web about the great project, a masterpiece in 14 volumes, 8200 pages, 12000 photographies, unpublished images, 4700 planes, more than 1800 references and over 300 new references of the Castilla-León romanesque art, made by the non-profit Fundación Santa
Soria Románica
Vetrate Italiane
Italian stained glass from the 6th to the 16th century. Contains pictures and descriptions of series as well as single panels.
Vitrearum Medii Aevi: Medieval Stained Glass in Britain
The purpose of this web site is to document medieval stained glass in England until 1540. Digital documentation of over 10,000 pieces of medieval glass. Searchable by county or site location index or map as well as CVMA inventory number.
Online magazine devoted to medieval stained glass. Monthly journal has a feature story plus an in-depth analysis of the panel of the month.
Vitrearum Deutschland
Site is in German though there are some English pages. Database of a research center devoted to stained glass in and around Freiburg.
Vitrearum Medii Aevi- Osterreich
Site is dedicated to Austrian Medieval stained glass.

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