ArchNet – Islamic Architectural Community
Architectural web site with a focus on Islamic architecture. Contains digital photographs and descriptions of historical Islamic architecture searchable by period style as well as a dictionary of Islamic architecture. Also includes course syllabi.
Art and Architecture
Taken from a variety of cathedrals.
Casselman Archive of Islamic and Mudejar Architecture in Spain
Database of Spanish Islamic architecture from the 7th century, organized by period from Visigothic to Baroque.
Castles of Switzerland
A comprehensive compilation of Swiss Castles with description in French.
Castles of the World
Reference tool for castles, palaces and monasteries including: castle tours, medieval architecture, hotels, travel, plans, weddings, castles for sale, souvenirs, books, directory, site of the week, history, armor and swords. Educational content primarily
Castles on the Web
A fun site with narrative about the castles.
Chartres Cathedral
Virtual Chartres Cathedral project, with about 50 quicktime VR panoramas, interactive explorations of architecture, sculpture, and stained glass, and hypothetical 13th-century reconstructions in and around the cathedral
European Medieval Castle Design.
An introductory guide to European Medieval castles design & architecture. A complete overview on the basics and history of medieval castles design, how it varied by region and details on individual castles.
Exeter Cathedral Keystones and Carvings
Exeter Cathedral is essentially an illustrated and explanatory catalogue of all the figurative sculpture that is part of the original interior fabric of the medieval building. The sculptures, many with rare original colour, are visible on the website.
John James Medieval Architecture
List of all churches in the Paris Basin 1100-1250. List of all European churches with surviving rib vaults before 1145. Photo archive of some of the above.
Maison Forte du Boisset
The moat site Boisset in Berson (Gironde-France), was chosen and the research began in 1997. This study prepares the first grounds for understanding the evolution of housing of the rural aristocracy.
Medieval Architecture in England
Northern Fortress
The remarkable fortresses of Northwest Russia and Finland with its detail descriptions, history reviews, maps, plans and photographic images.
Medieval Labyrinths
The Labyrinths of Chartres, Reims and Sens cathedrals. The graphical motif from 9th century manuscripts. The rhythmical structure of the medieval labyrinth. Links, bibliography.
Notre-Dame Cathedral of Amiens, An Orderly Vision
A collection of photographs from the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Amiens by Professor Stephen Murray, Art History, Columbia University.
Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland
The CRSBI is an ongoing project to record all Romanesque sculpture in Britain and Ireland and publish it in the form of a searchable text and image database.
Salisbury Project
A extensive photographic archive of Salisbury, its cathedral, the Close, the town, parish churches, and Old Sarum, designed as a teaching and research tool. The Project is being developed at the University of Virginia by Prof. Marion Roberts.
Stavechurches in Norway

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