Video & Media

Documentaries (25 min+)

Labor of Love (2013) 25 min, is a 20-25 minute documentary that explores the mystery of fading lesbian institutions in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. The film documents the struggle female LBTQ leaders face – both historical and  financial –  as they seek to create a safe space for women without dividing the community. “Labor of Love” focuses on a sector of women that society has quietly displaced, a brave group that must actively fight to rebuild spaces that fostered community among the women of the LGBTQ community.

Live-Action Fiction

Over & Out (2011) 26 min, queer romantic comedy about technology. Best Cinematography  My roles: Writer, Promotion/Executive Production.

Over & Out from Labor of Love Film on Vimeo.

Short Featurettes

Celebrating Lesbian Health at the Mautner Project Gala (2013) – Tagg Correspondent, Ashley Linder and I spoke with guests at the 2013 Mautner Project Gala about lesbian health and the Mautner Project. Guests enjoyed a silent auction, dinner, and dancing at the Omni Shoreham Hotel.

Student Reflections on Google+ (2012), I shot and produced this short film as an assessment project for the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS).

Gnovis Featurette (2011) Gnovis talks about the purpose of it’s online journal and its recent multimedia remodel. Produce and Edited at Georgetown University.

La Trobe University Student Shorts (2010), short videos produced for the Future Student’s Center orientation.

Campaign Ads

End Fake Clinics (2011), Crisis Pregnancy Centers are taking away reproductive rights – watch this video and find out how

#HavePride365 (2013), Capital Pride’s new campaign to encourage folks to have pride everyday of the year.


Clunes: Back to Booktown (2010), short Impressions of the Clune’s Back to Booktown Festival in Clunes, Victoria, Australia. My roles: Writer, Cinematographer, Producer, Editor. Filmed in Australia.

Oprah: Seen Through Her Handwriting (2009), Marian Brannan, author of Twenty Remarkable Women Seen Through Their Handwriting, takes a look at Oprah Winfery’s handwriting. My roles: Cinematographer, Editor, Producer, Director.

Science Bite: Marine Protected Areas  (2009) A short educational Bite that explores the need for Marine Protected Areas. Made for The Baum foundation. My role: Editor.

Guys and Dolls: Interview (2009) Interview with Ellen Greene, Scott Bakula, and Richard Jay Alexander about their experience performing at the Hollywood Bowl, One of several Shortcut videos I edited for in Summer 2009.

Isla Vista: A Fresh Start, Fall (2008) Corwin Award Winner Best Editing. A UCSB Film and Media GreenScreen production about the politics of green renovation in a college town. My role: Writer and Editor.


Demon Director (2009), 2-D flash Animation, a parody of Scooby Doo created as a Farewell to Ellison Hall, The old home of UCSB Film and Media department.

Inn Deep (2008), A UCSB Film and Media 106/greenscreen production about a young man that discovers that global warming will have a huge impact on his daily life if action is not taken. My Role: Assistant Editor.

Theoryland (2009), Corwin Award Winner Best Short Screenplay A UCSB Film and Media 106 production about a student filmmaker who travels through her film and learns about the beauty of art and theory.


Sandbox (2009) Quasi-documentary that explores the desert through three spatial metaphors: (1) child’s fantasy in the sandbox, (2) marine/army training in the sandbox, and (3) an artist’s imagination in the sandbox. Created for graduate course at UC Santa Barbara: Mapping The Desert/Deserting The Map.

Silent Film (16 mm)

Twigs and Tracks (2008) 16mm avante garde film that explores our the relationships between strangers. My role: Editor

The Lovesick Zombie (2009) 6 min. Golden Reel Award at Reel Loud 2009. A 6 minute black and white 16 mm film about a lovesick zombie that finally meets his love.

Assassinating Abraham Lincoln (2009). 6 min. 16 mm film which parodies the Assassination of Ab Lincoln.

Modern Day Hunter (2009) 6 min.B&W. Comedy about a hunter that “hunts” with his car.

Sound Art

“Mongolian Footprints” Sound Designer for Roaming, Audiovisual exhibit by Lisa Parks, Ph.D. 2009.

“Fiber Optics” Sound Designer for Surfacing, interactive media project by Nicole Starosielski    Ph. D. 2010


International Aids Film Festival. July 10, 2012.

Digital Storytelling. July 1 – Present

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