Data Viz

How can you take numbers/research and turn it into an appealing presentation for your audiences? While video is one form of visualization I harness in my work, Prezi is another tool that integrates video, illustration, and words. While Prezi is designed for presentations, it can also be an excellent learning tool that fosters insight and innovation.

Two of my prezi presentations used at conferences/presentations during my graduate studies courses at Georgetown:

1. Privacy and The Implications of Facial Recognition Technology
I designed this entire presentation around the face in order to underscore what Facial Recognition is: a biometric technology that scans the face to locate personally identifiable information (PII). This presentation studies the privacy implications of using facial recognition technologies in retail business to measure customer and audience impressions.

2. Technology and Social Exclusion
This is a presentation I created about gender and skills divide. Click through and learn!

3. Prezi as a study guide
I created a prezi to study for the final exam for one of my courses at Georgetown, “Fundamentals of Technology.”

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