Finding LGBTQ Community — In the home!

Are you an LGBTQ member and new to the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia)? Or are you simply looking for a more comfortable and LGBT friendly community? We all know how exhausting it is to sift through thousands of craigslist postings to find an ideal LGBT friendly space.  But luckily, our friend Imani Mapp has made this process a whole lot easier! She created a Queer Housing-DC Google Group resource for queer and queer-friendly individuals in the Washington, D.C. area to connect with other individuals either seeking or offering housing.  Now, you can post your own ads or share queer friendly spaces you find!

The group is brand new, so there is no content yet, but that can be changed by you! So be queer and move in! If you have any questions about this online community you can contact Imani at imanimapp [a] gmail [dot] com

created by k.brannan



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