(Re)thinking Reconciliation: Conference Recap

Presenting at the Conference

On November 22, I presented my paper “Mediating Aboriginality: The Politics and Symbols of Australian Reconciliation,” at the CSAA 2011 Conference in Adelaide Australia. The conference was 3 days long, including 1 day for post-graduate networking.

The conference included well-known scholars, such as Sarah Ahmed and Peter MclAren and postgraduate students from Europe, The United States, New Zealand, and Australia. I was the only graduate student from the United States and it was an awesome opportunity to network and hear feedback on ideas about social justice and development I have been grappling with over the past year.

A project on Reconciliation media needs to be done and several scholars at the conference recommended I continue this project as PhD project post-Georgetown in Australia. I am not certain if I will pursue this project immediately after my MA, as I would like to work in development a few years before I pursue a PhD. The papers at the conference will be published online in January and out of them a few will be selected to be published in a Journal.

Inside the Conference Schedule

Here is a link to the conference panels.



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