Project Notes

Reflection #1:
After considering a variety of different options for my Los Angeles project, I’ve decided to settle on an audio episode structured in the same way as a podcast. The episode will be structured as a series of interviews with three different parties: 1. Individuals who relocated their lives to LA, 2. Natives who have spent their entire lives in LA and 3. People who have departed from LA. This mix of interviews will grant a holistic understanding of what makes LA a home to some and a pit stop for others.

On top of interviewing these different parties, I hope to interview individuals living in vastly different parts of LA. This should grant the opportunity for varying perspective and also allow for the outlet of incorporating different types of music to overlay each representative neighborhood/community.

While I will be discounting visuals from my project, I believe that the descriptions and dialogue provided through the interviews will more than compensate.

Reflection #2:
For my interview subjects, I have already preliminary selected a few candidates:

– A classmate at Georgetown, who is a Monterey Park native, has decided to begin his professional life in New York. While he is fond of his hometown, I would like to explore his rationale for making this move. He was primarily motivated by professional rationale.
– A mutual connection who is currently living in Ladera Heights and has spent all her life in the surrounding area/neighborhood. I wanted to ask about her reasons for staying in the area and deciding never to leave.
– My sister who moved from New York to L.A. for several years. She has recently decided to move back to New York, but is looking to return to the west coast when the opportunity arises. I wanted to inquire in greater detail the intimate reasons for delving into her passion for film / media, going so far as to fully relocated to a city she never lived in.

Reflection #3:
A friend recently sent me a few videos seeking to capture the daily life of Los Angeles. The first, Hollywood Boulevard, films monotonous images of the area. The second, City of Angels, is a music video featuring talking heads of L.A. residents.

Hollywood Boulevard

City of Angels

Reflection #4:
In structuring my podcast, I would like to incorporate heavy sounds of L.A., either through music or iconic film. I am actively seeking out ideas to explore this. The secondary materials would be great in framing the narrative.