Project Examples (Podcasts and Audio Episodes)

Example #1: This American Life Podcast Episode – Harper High School Part One
Below is attached a link of the model I would like to follow for my project. This American Life is an NPR podcast that generates stories and audio episodes about different themes affecting contemporary American society, with each week focusing on a different theme. Many of the episodes have a focus on urban communities in America. By using a series of interviews with their subjects, TAL’s story telling team utilizes an effective model of conveying information and story telling. I also intend on creating a narrative in my project by piecing together multiple interviews.

This American Life: Harper High School

Example #2: StoryCorps – In New Orleans’ Hardest-Hit Neighborhood
StoryCorps by NPR applies a unique reporting model in that they convey news through narrative. This example is similar to This American Life, but focuses on individual families and lives as oppose to entire communities or societies. While I will not be focusing on just one individual’s narrative, I would like to apply StoryCorps example, as observed through the New Orleans report, to individual anecdotes in my project.

StoryCorps: In New Orleans’ Hardest Hit Neighborhood

Example #3: Serial – Season One Episode 6: The Case Against Adnan Syed
Serial, a spin-off of This American Life, documents the 20-years-later investigation into Adnan Syed’s alleged murder of Hae Min Lee. Most of the podcast’s Season One focuses on examining details and personnel involved in the case. However, episode 6 offers a grander macro analysis of Baltimore County and the social / communal issues surrounding the case. The various interviews and the direction of the narrative that Sarah Koenig navigates in this episode provides a very compelling model for me to structure my own audio episode of Los Angeles.