Our Urban Landscape – James Burns, 2007

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Pope Francis Getting In On the Action

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“We Believe Art Ignites Change”

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More info on the amazing Mural Arts Program:


2011-012 Common Threads Restoration2_0

Our Palette of Core Values

Art Ignites Change

Art heals, art unites, and art changes minds in a convincing fashion. Art drives the agenda. Great art is never silent, can’t be ignored, and serves poorly the status quo.

Stories Must be Told

The sublime power of narrative drives our lives. Stories well told will shine transformative light into dark corners.

We Beats Me

It’s simple. We work in conspiring teams whose goal is gestalt. Everything we do is by and for the community. There’s no “I” in mural.

It Ain’t About the Paint

What we do is deceptively complex. What drives us is the opportunity to help life triumph over the forces of despair. We just happen to be good at painting murals.

Make Promises and Keep Them

We’re an antsy bunch, and proactively committed to the commitment to be proactive. When we walk into a room, we walk in ready to make great things happen. And when we say we will, we will.

Take Turns

There is no such thing as not my job. We expect to take on unexpected burdens when it’s our turn to do so.

Think Deeply, Create Fearlessly

The surface is something to get beyond. And because we have each other’s back, we go beyond in bold fashion.

Expect Permission / Ask Forgiveness

Bureaucracy has its place. Just not in our mindset.

The Biggest Risk May Be Not Taking It

Why look back on a life not lived? We see our chances and we take ’em.

Art Is An Economic Engine

This is not art for art’s sake. Our institutional wisdom and intellectual property have value, add value, and are valuable. There’s no shame in earning fair compensation for unique professional expertise.

Yo, This is Fun!

We’re from Philly. We’re for Philly. And we’re having a hell of a good time.

Open Source

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Okay, this is amazing – for the month of October, the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is putting on this amazing interactive and public art show called Open Source. The idea is to make the city into a canvas and to bring together 14 amazing artists (5 from Philadelphia, the rest from around the world) to conduct massive public artworks from murals to statuary. It’s all about interaction with the people of Philadelphia and making art not something just to behold, but something with which to connect. The artists will address issues such as immigration, racism, recycling, and the environment in order to bring dialogue into a public and beautiful forum. It’s the intersection between art and social issues, an expression of the problems facing Philadelphians and a universally accessible way to discuss them.


City of Murals

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New idea: It just hit me that Philadelphia is the city of murals. It has the most murals of any city in the world. This is striking. An expression of grievance and joy, community and isolation expressed on the organic canvas of the city itself. I think I’ve found my angle



More News on the 72%

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“72%: A Baby Mama Crisis”

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The black community in Philadelphia claims much of the city and its culture. However, as recent trends show, black family units have broken down, leaving many mothers alone to raise and support their children.

This documentary captures the crisis with the startling statistic of 72% of black children growing up in single mother households. The sisterhood of single black women infuses the city and its feel. It’s a community I’ve never been a part of, but one that’s impossible to missĀ if you grew up in Philadelphia. I’m very interesting in the black woman’s experience in Philadelphia, and this startling trend is integral to their lives.


Ruminating on a City of Complications

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Quince Street, Philadelphia


I’m writing about Philadelphia because it birthed me, molded me, strengthened me, sang to me, nestled me, taught me. I grew up on Quince Street, a tiny brick road still imprinted with buggy marks from days of yore, just outside historic Old City. Its location in the Keystone State speaks to the significance of this place – a city at the root of the cries for freedom and liberty, a hotbed of patriots and nervous delegates, the birthplace of a new republic. Since then, it’s blossomed into a locus of culture and pride, as well as one of unspeakable violence and abject poverty. Philadelphia is steeped in history and symbolic importance – but how does it operate now? And what’s the connection to the past? What is the heartbeat of this city, the blood in its veins, the cries and joys of its people? What does it mean to be a Philadelphian?

“I love everything about Philadelphia, and its food is like the city itself: real-deal, hearty, and without pretension. We’ve always had an underdog vibe as a city, but that just makes us try harder, and I love our scappiness and scruffiness” – Lisa Scottoline

Interactive Map

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N. Third Street at Quarry Street scene setter Philadelphia Old Town design district                              NYTCREDIT: Robert Wright for The New York Times

N. Third Street at Quarry Street scene setter Philadelphia Old Town design district NYTCREDIT: Robert Wright for The New York Times

With Love, Philadelphia

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