I like the interactive elements of the photoessay. The reader is forced to click along to see the next image, ensuring that they stay interested in connected. However, I find the descriptions too bare and the pictures too small. I like knowing all about the background of the art, not just the title. And a showcasing of murals should be a very visual experience, so the presentation should more heavily emphasize the photos.



I like the combination of media that Facebook allows, but it’s too impersonal. Facebook feels fake and fabricated, and these murals are anything but. They’re evocative, hopeful, painful, and raw. I want a medium where you can’t just scroll past the heavy stuff. Art should be studied, felt, beheld, touched. This medium is too traditionally phony for art of this caliber.



I like how helpful this would be to locals, the primary audience for my project. But it’s not accessible for people outside of Philadelphia. I was misplaced Philadelphians to see and connect with the beating heart of their city.



This is my favorite compilation, and most similar to my website. My only improvement will be to make the site more interactive and more thematic, with connections woven between the murals.

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  1. It’s interesting to see that several sites that collect Philadelphia murals already exist. Given that, I’d encourage you to think very carefully about what you have to add. One possible source to answer that may be course ideas and materials. In theory, at least, you are learning some ways of thinking about cities and of looking at representations that could give you a fresh angle on these murals. You should be able to say some things about them that others may have left out. But what? That’s the puzzle for you to solve!

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