What These Explorations Taught Me



It took me a while to connect these jaunts to my final project. At this stage in the project, my final idea was still amorphous. Finally, I realized that my observations of DC reflect my experiences of Philadelphia very closely. My adventures in DC, from the food bank to the fancy theater, showcase totally different sides of the city. They stood out in my memory because they were so distinctly different from each other, yet still part of the same identity.

With my murals, I got to understand how such different parts of the city coexist and identify with one another. A homogenous city does not exist – all cities have different shades and layers, and figuring out how all of these strands come together (whether it be through a tightrope walker or a mural) gives the key to understanding the heart of the city.

~ by Katherine Riga on December 15, 2015.

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