Final Mural Selections

After sifting through hundreds of murals, I chose the following thirteen. These artworks pulled at my heart or interest. After looking into them more deeply, I discovered historical and cultural background that gave insight into the city or added another voice or perspective. Some murals, like Ghosts of Philadelphia Industry, capture the historical element of Philadelphia, an integral foundation to its present incarnation. Some, like Reaching for Your Star, struck me because they captured the heart of the city through colloquial stories. Some, like Aqui y Alla connect Philadelphia to other places in the world, giving it a global context. All of these murals add some information and value to an examination of the city, and contribute an evocative voice and perspective.



Print coghead duo_0 GF_Philly33 haring_1 j2hh4 mhead4 npbp reaching sshead2 trauma wmofs


Source: all photos from extensive gallery at

~ by Katherine Riga on December 15, 2015.

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