Ruminating on a City of Complications


Quince Street, Philadelphia


I’m writing about Philadelphia because it birthed me, molded me, strengthened me, sang to me, nestled me, taught me. I grew up on Quince Street, a tiny brick road still imprinted with buggy marks from days of yore, just outside historic Old City. Its location in the Keystone State speaks to the significance of this place – a city at the root of the cries for freedom and liberty, a hotbed of patriots and nervous delegates, the birthplace of a new republic. Since then, it’s blossomed into a locus of culture and pride, as well as one of unspeakable violence and abject poverty. Philadelphia is steeped in history and symbolic importance – but how does it operate now? And what’s the connection to the past? What is the heartbeat of this city, the blood in its veins, the cries and joys of its people? What does it mean to be a Philadelphian?

“I love everything about Philadelphia, and its food is like the city itself: real-deal, hearty, and without pretension. We’ve always had an underdog vibe as a city, but that just makes us try harder, and I love our scappiness and scruffiness” – Lisa Scottoline

~ by Katherine Riga on October 12, 2015.

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