Alumni Kudos – Spring 2014

Alum of the Month — October 2013

Catherine Cannon (G‘13)

Twitter: @ccannon_dc
LinkedIn: Catherine-Cannon

“I had so many great professors during my time in the program, and many of them helped me out when I was looking for a job and have given me career advice. The program is building a community in Washington that is only growing, so use the connections that you are making as a student and continue to keep in touch with people after you graduate. You never know who will be able to help you out down the road or who you could one day help out as well.”

We are proud to feature recent graduate, Catherine Cannon, as our October MPS Journalism Alum of the Month. Catherine is a Newspath Associate Producer for CBS News, in Washington, D.C. In this feature, she reflects on the benefits of the journalism program, specifically the networks and connections she made during her time in the program. Continue reading

Alumni Kudos – Fall 2013

  • Check out alumna Emily Shenk‘s (G’ 11) latest National Geographic piece, “Behind the Scenes at a Refuge for Earth’s Rare Species.” (12/2013)
  • Alumna Meaghan Stakelin (G’ 12) spent the morning of Friday, Dec. 20 with NBC Today Show anchor Erica Hill and producer Kristen Powers, who flew to D.C. to shoot a segment on the rising popularity of boutique fitness. Meaghan launched the blog DC Fit Crasher, a chronicle of her adventures trying and reviewing every workout in the District – a project she worked on in herEntrepreneurial Journalism class. The crew shot interviews and b-roll at a workout class in Adams Morgan and at Meaghan’s apartment in Cleveland Park. The piece is scheduled to air on Saturday, January 4, 2014. See pictures below courtesy of Meaghan.  (12/2013
  • )
  • Alumna Nicole Crawford-Tichawonna (G’13) was recently named associate editor of FIERCE for Black Women, an online magazine for “busy, dynamic black women in the prime of their lives.” (11/2013)
  • Alumnus Adil Awadh (G’10) recently accepted a full-time position as the communications director for the American Task Force on Palestine. (11/2013)
  • Check out alumna Kat Lucero’s (G’12) recent articles for The Georgetown CurrentThe Washington Diplomat andThe Washington Post Express. (11/2013)
  • Alumna Paulina Lam (G’13) recently began a new job as the Food & Health Editorial Assistant for One Green Planet. (10/2013)
  • Alumna Carolina Ochoa (G’13) recently accepted a job as the U.S. correspondent for New York and D.C. for La FM de RCN, a Colombian radio station. (10/2013)
  • Alumna Deirdre Bannon’s (G’11)article on domestic violence centers and the government shutdown got picked up by Salon.
  • Catch alumna Deirdre Bannon’s (G’11) recent article for The Crime Report, a news website based out of the John Jay College for Criminal Justice in New York City, about the impact of the government shutdown on VAWA-funded nonprofits like domestic violence shelters. (10/2013)
  • Check out alumna Caitlin Huey-Burns’ (G’11)’s interview with CBS News’ Steve Chaggaris on which politicos were most changed by the government shutdown/Obamacare/debt ceiling crisis. (10/2013)
  • Alumna Arielle Hixson (G’13) had part of her capstone published by The Huffington Post and recently reported on doggie acupuncture with NBC New York. (10/2013)
  • Catch alumna Krystina Lucido’s (G’11)recent piece for 20 Something Magazine. (9/2013)
  • Kudos to alum Supid Bhattacharya (G’13) on joining Lancaster Newspapers as their ethnic, cultural and immigration reporter.  (9/2013)
  • Congratulations to alumna Ananda Rochita (G’13) who accepted a position as an anchor and reporter with the NBC affiliate station in Roanoke, Virginia where she’s working on a number of investigative pieces.  (9/2013)
  • Kudos to alum Chris Siler (G’12) on his internship with Production Craft, a small Chicago production company that provides commercial video services. (9/2013)
  • Read alumna Diana Ozemebhoya’s (G’13) article for The Root about how Attorney General Eric Holder’s drug-war reforms may have summoned a new season of the HBO drama series The Wire. (9/2013)
  • Check out alumnus Liam Boylan-Pett’s (G’ 10) latest Running Times article, “A High Schooler’s No. 1 Goal for Running Nutrition.” (8/2013)

Alum of the Month – June 2013

McLean Robbins (G ‘12)

Twitter: @DeaconDoesDC, Instagram: /DeaconDoesDC,


“Journalism is of course about great writing, but today’s journalists must be more than that. They also need to leverage the skills of a great marketer and a great brand manager to succeed. You are your brand, and publications increasingly want to hire someone who can promote their own work or who already comes with a following.”

The winner of this year’s “Entrepreneurial Spirit” Golden Bulldog Award, McLean Robbins, is the June MPS Journalism Alum of the Month. McLean is a 2012 graduate from the program and currently works as a Manager of Copywriting & Content Strategy at MICROS eCommerce in the Washington, D.C. area. In addition to her full-time job, McLean works as a freelance luxury lifestyle writer and has created an impressive following through her website, Her articles have appeared in various luxury and travel publications and websites, from Four Seasons Magazine to, and she is traveling to Austin, Sedona and Richmond this summer for various freelance features. McLean shared with us how the MPS Journalism program helped her to create, grow and leverage her online brand. Continue reading

Alumni Kudos – Summer 2013

  • Check out alumna Diana Ozmebhoya’s article on Jay-Z’s performance art piece “Picasso Baby” for The Root.(8/2013)
  • Congrats to alumna Paulina Lam (G’13) on joining One Green Planet, an online guide to helping people make conscious choices about people, animals and the planet, as a regular freelance contributor. Check out her first piece on the palm oil industry. (8/2013)
  • Take a look at alumna Kat Lucero’s (G’12) recent feature: “Beat Club DC uses local libraries as launchpad for music education.” (8/2013)
  • Congrats to alumna Paulina Lam (G’13) on joining One Green Planet, an online guide to helping people make conscious choices about people, animals and the planet, as a regular freelance contributor. (8/2013)
  • Check out alumna Kat Lucero’s(G’12) latest piece for DC Eater: “Peaches Halton on Ben’s Chili Bowl’s Famed Sauce, Virginia Ali and the Greasy Spoon’s Future.” (7/2013)
  • Congrats to alum Brian Dabbs (G’11) on his new job as a congressional coverage reporter for International Trade Today. (7/2013)
  • Alum Luis Velarde (G’13) recently accepted a job as a video producer for AP TV News where he takes footage from producers in the field, writes scripts and sends the finish product to the wires or to AP office headquarters in London. (6/2013)
  • Alumna Elizabeth Jia (G’10) was nominated for her first local Emmy award in the Community Service Category for Hero Central, a weekly broadcast segment she produces that profiles local non-profit organizations on WUSA 9 in Washington, D.C. (6/2013)
  • Alumna Francesca Duffy (G’12) recently transitioned from her editorial internship at Education Week to a job as the communications and advocacy specialist at the American Association of School Administrators. Are you interested in interning at Education Week? Find the internship posting below, and send Francesca an email if you have questions: (6/2013)
  • Congratulations to alumna Diana Ozemebhoya (G’13), who will be joining The Root as an editorial fellow this summer. (6/2013)
  • Check out alumna Diana Ozemebhoya‘s (G’13) TheRoot article, “Child Experts: What to Say About Verdict” where she spoke with child psychologists about how parents should discuss the Zimmerman acquittal with their sons.  (7/2013)
  • Alumna Nicole Crawford’s (G’13) article “Landmark Report Commemorates 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington,” was published in the Summer 2013 issue of The Crisis, a magazine published by the NAACP. (7/2013)
  • Check out alumna Emily Shenk’s (G’11) latest piece for National Geographic, “Make Way for the Penguin Parade.” (7/2013)
  • Alumna Catherine Cannon (G’13) participated in the White House Down press junket at the Hay Adam’s Hotel on June 22. She interviewed Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Joey King, and Director Roland Emmerich. CBS used a clip of Foxx and Tatum for its Eye on Entertainment segment. (7/2013)
  • Alumna Catherine Cannon’s (G’13) capstone was published by National Geographic’s The Great Energy Challenge Blog, “In Virginia, Tug of War Persists Over a National Forest Atop Shale Gas Reserves.” (7/2012)
  • Take a look at alumna Emily Shenk’s (G’11) National Geographic articles from last week, one about the atmospheric impact of ice melting in the Arctic and a Q&A with a shark attack expert. (7/2012)
  • Read alumna Kat Lucero (G’12) piece for The Washington Diplomat, “Hotels Mix It Up With New Culinary, Cocktail Offerings.” (6/2013)
  • Kudos to alum Mike Shomaker(G’13), who had his capstone project on Back on My Feet published by WTOP. Read the article here.  (6/2013)
  • Check out alumna Jessica Weiss’ (G’11) piece “The key to making a living as a freelance journalist.”  (6/2013)
  • Take a look at alumna Tabitha Whissemore’s (G’11) article about Maryland colleges centralizing health care programs here.  (6/2013)
  • Check out this piece that alumna Jessica Weiss (G’11) contributed to from Argentina for Fast Company.  (6/2013)
  • Kudos to alumna Diana Ozemebhoya (G’13) for her recent pieces for The Root, a slideshow of celebrity dads talking about their parenting styles for Father’s Day and a profile of young father that went to great lengths to gain custody of his infant daughter after his fiancé died. (6/2013)
  • Alum Paul Rigney (G’10) was sent to Moore, Oklahoma two days after the recent tornado to cover the relief efforts for C-SPAN. While he was there, Paul shot and edited vignettes that aired on all the C-SPAN networks and spent a lot of time with a FEMA Disaster Survivor Assistance Team as they walked through the main neighborhood hit by the tornado. He was also one of the first video journalists to walk through Plaza Towers Elementary, where the children died when the tornado hit. Check out two of his favorite vignettes that he shot here and here. (6/2013)
  • Check out alumna Diana Ozemebhoya’s (G’13) recent article about First Lady Michelle Obama and Actress Kerry Washington’s advocacy work for arts education here.  (6/2013)
  • Take a look at alumna Delece Smith-Barrow’s recent article for U.S. News & World Report here. (5/2013)

Alumni Kudos – Spring 2013

  • Read alumna Deirdre Bannon’s (G’11) latest article for The Georgetown Dish here. (5/2013)
  • Alumna Renata Sellitti (G’10) recently accepted a position as the Editor of Thrillist’s Sex & Dating/Entertainment vertical.
  • Check out a recent radio piece by alumna Katie Manning (G’10) for PRI here. (5/2013)
  • Take a look at alum Liam Boylan-Pett’s (G’11) article about the top five greatest commencement speakers in history here. (5/2013)
  • Check out alumna Jessica Weiss’ (G’10) recent article for Associated Press about Pope Francis here. (5/2013)
  • Check out alum Peter Schroder’s (G’10) recent piece for The Hill here. (5/2013)
  • Read alumna Katie Kindelan’s (G’10) Yahoo! article about celebrity Reese Witherspoon here. (5/2013)
  • Check out these stories written by alumna Lisa Esposito (G’11): Guideline Changes Set Asperger’s Community on EdgeThe Learning Curve of Living With Asperger’s and Helping Children Make Sense of the Senseless. (4/2013)
  • Alumna Kat Lucero (G’12) recently interviewed celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck while he was in D.C. for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Read the article here.  (4/2013)
  • Take a look at alumna McLean Robbins’(G’12) article for Gadling here. (4/2013)
  • Alum Liam Boylan-Pett (G’10) recently published his last article for his internship with PolicyMic. Read “A Layman’s Complete Guide to Running” here.  (4/2013)
  • Check out alumna Delece Smith-Barrow’s piece for U.S. News & World “What Graduate Students Should Know About the Sequester.” (4/2013)
  • Take a look at alumna Delece Smith-Barrow’s(G’11) tips on “How to Reapply to Graduate School” for U.S. News & World Report. (4/2013)
  • Alum Liam Boylan-Pett (G’10) put together a list of the “7 Greatest Kids Sports Movies Of the ’90s, and the 3 Worst” for PolicyMic. (4/2013)
  • Congrats to alumna Josie Duckett (G’12) on her acceptance to the Teach for American 2013 corps and her recent column on the TFA website! (3/2013)
  • Congratulations to alumna Delece Smith-Barrow (G’11), who recently accepted a new job at U.S. News & World Report as a reporter covering higher education. You can check out her latest story for The Washington Post’s Food section here. (3/2013)
  • Excited about March Madness? Take a look at alum Liam Boylan-Pett’s (G’10) recent article about President Obama’s NCAA bracket for here. (3/2013)
  • Read alumna Jessica Weiss’ (G’11) article on ProPublica for the International Journalists’ Network here. (3/2013)
  • Read alumna Jessica Weiss’ (G’11) article about the new Pope Francisco’s favorite soccer team here. (3/2013)
  • Congrats to alumna Josie Duckett (G’12) on her acceptance to the Teach for American 2013 corps and her recent column on the TFA website! (3/2013)
  • Take a look at alumna Caitlin Huey-Burns’ (G’11) latest piece in RealClearPolitics, “Is the GOP Finally Winning?” here. (3/2013)
  • Read alum Curtis Eichelberger (G’09) on his recent Bloomberg piece about NFL franchise tags here. (3/2013)
  • Alum Peter Schroeder (G’10) recently published a piece, “Dow reaches a new record high,” for The Hill. (3/2013)
  • Congratulations to alumna Delece Smith-Barrow (G’11), who recently accepted a new job at U.S. News & World Report as a reporter covering higher education. You can check out her latest story for The Washington Post’s Food section here. (3/2013)
  • Read alumna Elizabeth Jia’s (G’10) latest article “Shinzo Abe, Japan Prime Minister Speaks Of Growing Economy At First Summit With President Obama” here. (3/2013)
  • Check out alumna Meaghan Stakelin‘s (G’12) latest article in Arkansas Life, “Course Correction” (p. 78) here. (3/2013)
  • Here’s alumna Katie Kindelan’s (G’10) latest piece “Dad’s video of ‘one baby band’.” (3/2013)
  • Check out alumna Jessica Weiss’ (G’11) latest AP piece, “Argentine trains spur fear a year after crash” here. (2/2013)
  • Check out alumna Tabitha Whissemore’s (G’11) latest article, “The Art, Science and Job Prospects of Brewing Beer,” here. (2/2013)
  • Check out alumna Sasha Horne’s (G’10) latest article, “Hair Politics: American Black Women Face Unique Dilemma,” here. (2/2013)
  • Alum Liam Boylan-Pett (G’10) recently started an internship at PolicyMic in New York City where he writes 4-5 articles per day. (2/2013)
  • Alum Michael Clarke (G’10) is helping to organize “Social Media for Emergency Management” as part of Social Media Week. Check out the event here. (1/2013)
  • Alumna Fadoua Massat (G’11) was recently promoted to managing editor at MBN Digital, a new department at Middle East Broadcasting Networks that manages Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa. (1/2013)
  • Check out alumna Kira Zalan’s (G’11) latest Q&A with Gen. Stanley McChrystal where he talks about the “deficit of trust” between a new administration and the military, why he resigned in response to the Rolling Stone controversy and whether Afghan forces are ready to take over security operations. (1/2013)
  • Check out alumna Jessica Weiss‘ (G’11) latest article, “Pittsburgh harpist Sarah Solomon Stern thrives in Buenos Aires” here. (1/2013)
  • Check out alumna Josie Duckett’s (G’12) capstone, which was published on here! Also, read her other story here, which was published in The Washington Post. (1/2013)
  • Read alumna Meaghan Stakelin’s (G’12) list of fitness trends to try in 2013 published in Arkansas Life magazine. (Her article starts on page 70.) (1/2013)
  • Check out alumna Jess Weiss’ (G’11) recently published feature. Weiss has been working for the Associated Press in Buenos Aires. (1/2013)

Alum of the Month July 2012

Khalil Garriott (G ’10)

E-mail:, Twitter: @khalilgarriott
LinkedIn: /khalilgarriott, Website:

Khalil Garriott often tackled sports stories while in the MPS Journalism program, so it’s no surprise that he continues to excel in sports writing. Khalil, who graduated from the program in Fall 2010, currently works as a Website Editor for the National Football League Players Association and writes about NFL-related topics ranging from draft picks and Super Bowl champions to league community service and players’ sidelining injuries. Khalil recently won a 2012 Dateline Award for excellence in local journalism for his story about one Super Bowl-winning football team’s long-overdue trip to the White House. He shared with us his personal and professional gains from the program.

1. Tell us how your degree from the Journalism program has helped you in your current job.
My Master’s degree in Journalism from Georgetown helped elevate me to assume a greater responsibility in my current position. It also gave me the necessary skills to take on different projects at work plus help pass on what I learned in graduate school to others.

2. Why did you pick Georgetown’s Journalism program? How did you hear about us?
When the program was created, it immediately shot up on the list of options on my radar. I believe I originally heard about it through an ad placed in the Washington Post Express newspaper. It didn’t hurt that a friend from undergrad was the director of the program at the time, so I was able to learn more about it and quickly knew it was the right choice.
3. Twitter or Facebook?
Twitter. The only thing that might make me give in to Facebook is the recent birth of my niece…her parents post pictures and videos of her there, so I may eventually relent!

4. Who is your favorite working journalist?
Naturally, I’m partial to the ones that cover sports. I have to respect Adam Schefter,Cindy BorenMike FlorioBill Simmons and Rick Reilly. Plus, the Tony Kornheiser-Michael Wilbon duo is still getting it done.

5. What one piece of advice would you give current students?
Get the most out of the program that you possibly can. Develop and nurture relationships with your classmates, professors and others associated with the program. Stay humble and grounded. Study hard and work hard, but don’t get trapped in the “grad school bubble” and keep your sights set on the bigger picture. Make friendships and stay connected. Attend events and let people know who you are and what you can do.