From the Intern Files: Catherine Trifiletti at Washington Life Magazine

Catherine Trifiletti Kudos

Twitter: @cathtrif

“Organizations are constantly updating their career pages so if you have publication in mind – there is no shame in stalking them directly. Also don’t be afraid to reach out to professors and peers. Excuse my cliché but, life is all about connections!”

MPS Journalism: What company are you working with and what kind of stories do they work on?

Catherine Trifiletti: Washington Life Magazine is a hyper-local print publication that focuses on the people who make D.C. the powerful and dynamic city it is. For example, this month’s issue highlights 25 local tech entrepreneurs empowering the District through innovation.

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From the Intern Files: Amel Guettatfi at CBS National News

Amel Guettatfi
“It’s definitely all about the hustle and bustle of ever-changing news. The team is like a well-oiled machine that makes sure the D.C. stories are all ready in time for Evening News with Scott Pelley. It’s exhilarating to watch something you may have contributed to, even in a small way, air live.”
We are thrilled to share that this Fall semester, MPS Journalism student, Amel Guettatfi started an internship with CBS News Investigative Unit and the Evening News. Her main responsibilities include extensive research, corroborations and proof on stories as well as interacting with the Evening News Team. We spoke with Amel about her experience working at one of the most important American television and radio networks and what her favorite part of the job is.
MPS Journalism: What kind of stories do you work on?

Amel Guettatfi: CBS News covers general news including national stories and politics. It also has various international correspondents including Charlie D’Agata who was most recently in on the border between Hungary and Serbia covering the refugee crisis.

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From the Intern Files: Mabinty Quarshie at Meet the Press

Mabinty Quarshie


“It’s always surprising that on Sundays when I watch the show in the control room (because I’m live-tweeting) and I know that what I’ve just tweeted or seen on the show will become a news story in less than two hours from several other news organizations. It’s still a little crazy to me.”

We are thrilled to share that this Fall semester, MPS Journalism student, Mabinty Quarshie started an internship with NBC’s Meet the Press. Meet the Press is a Political Talk Show that runs on Sunday’s at 9:00am. Her main responsibilities include working on social media marketing campaigns for the show. Part of her duties also include coming up with ideas on how to promote the show to various audiences. We spoke with Mabinty about her experience working at the longest running TV program in history and what her favorite part of the job is.

MPS Journalism: What company are you interning with and what’s the day to day like?

Mabinty Quarshie: I am the social media intern for Meet the Press, the longest-running program in television programming. Meet the Press usually tends to do stories on the latest news in politics and public affairs. But there are segments posted online in which the focus might be on cultural news. For example there was a segment on the local Washington Football team’s name or the shade balls that are being released in California to help with the drought.

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Student Spotlight: Emily Codik, Arts Editor at Washingtonian Magazine

Emily Codik.jpg.crdownload

Twitter: @EmilyCodik

This past March, student Emily Codik was hired at Washingtonian Magazine as the arts editor. She now edits the quarterly Welcome Guide and leads arts coverage for the magazine and website. We spoke to Emily about her experience at the Washingtonian and asked her to share some advice on searching for a job or an internship.

MPS Journalism: Tell us about the Washingtonian and what kind of stories do they work on?

Emily Codik: Washingtonian Magazine is a local monthly publication featuring service packages, long form, restaurant reviews, event listings, and more. The magazine also publishes daily blog posts on local news, arts, dining, and fashion at

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Student Work – Summer 2015

Student News: Student Joe Khawly publishes his first assignment in Reporting and Writing class

How did partners Mike & Pablo create their cheese empire @FireFlyCheese?

Published by Global Young Voices



WASHINGTON, D.C. — Mike Koch and Pablo Solanet created a cheese empire from the humble beginnings of their kitchen – but they attribute a big chunk of their success to their weekly visits to farmers’ markets.

Unlike the fancy restaurants and grocery stores that now carry their Firefly Farms’ cheese, it is among the stalls of vegetables and colorful fruit where they test out new products and advertise by word of mouth.

“Every weekend we see what people like and what they don’t – it is like a focus group – we tried new products and modified others,” said Mike Koch on a recent Sunday at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market.

It was more than a decade ago when Firefly Farms started frequenting farmers markets in the D.C. area – 170 miles from their farm in Accident, MD – as a way to connect with the community and introduce what is now an international award-winning handmade artisanal goat cheese made with vegetables enzymes, natural sea salt, organic goat milk and free of additives, preservatives, or stabilizers. Back then they were lucky if they sold 50 pounds of cheese a week.

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From the Intern Files: Ribka Gemilangsari at WBAL- TV

Ribka Gemilangsari

During Spring semester, MPS Journalism student Ribka Gemilangsari learned firsthand how to monitor breaking news on social media and conduct interviews with different sources. As a news intern at WBAL-TV this Spring she shadowed news crews covering breaking news and conducted beat calls to local police and fire stations. We spoke with Gemilangsari about her experience working for a local TV station and what her favorite part of the job was.

MPS Journalism: Tell us about WBAL-TV and its audience.

Ribka Gemilangsari: This past spring semester, I had a chance to work as a news intern at WBAL-TV, a local TV station and an NBC affiliate in Baltimore, Md. The station’s target audience is residents living in the city of Baltimore and several other counties in Maryland.

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