James Fishback

fishbackJames Fishback is a rising sophomore in the SFS studying international economics. James was born and raised in Miami, and has experience working with American Express in Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, James primarily analyzed institutions that design bank policies in southern Asia and their inclusion of the impoverished. He explains that this research was devised to understand “how to lift up the poor and alleviate market poverty simultaneously.”

By working under the mentorship of Dr. Pamela Sodhy in the Asian Studies Program, James studies the relationship of cultural dynamics, fixed income financials, and active investing groups of emerging markets. He emphasizes that poverty alleviation is inseparable from policy.

James has presented at the Walsh Exchange as well as the Harvard Asian Conference in Tokyo. James hopes to work for an NGO with the belief that a profit-driven goal may concurrently build infrastructure. He elaborates, explaining that in order to properly develop a market, investments in realms such as healthcare and education are crucial. To anyone pursuing similar research, James recommends “The true way to understand economic theory is to liberate it and allow it to exist at an applicable level.”

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