Alexandra Gold

Alexandra Gold is a senior in the College studying psychology. She currently works in Georgetown University’s Culture and Emotions Laboratory completing her honors thesis. The laboratory seeks to identify the relationship between culture and emotions, with the team being primarily “interested in how cultural tendencies and situational factors interact to shape the physiological, subjective, and expressive aspects of emotional responding and social support on healthy and clinical populations.”

Hoping to pursue a PhD, Gold’s research is a continuation of the work performed by Alyssa Gomes, who graduated from the university in 2013. She is investigating responses to various emotional events, and perceptions of depressive disorders. Her study analyzes such psychological topics from both Eastern and Western paradigms. Gold’s research involves numerous participants, her ultimate goal being 100 samples.

Gold has enjoyed working in the laboratory, as she has been exposed to a variety of research and data collection techniques. In addition to the Culture and Emotions Laboratory, Gold performs research at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

To those interested in completing research during their undergraduate tenure, Gold recommends that students “do it because they want to do it.” She also advises that students be as dedicated to their research as possible. Gold has submitted her work to the Undergraduate Research Conference, set to take place on April 7-9th, with student poster sessions on April 8th in Copley Formal Lounge.

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